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Made a Cuddle Sack :)


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Cavy Slave
Feb 17, 2012
Managed to make a cuddle sack for the first time :) I looked at a several different tutorials and mixed them up to make one that I thought would suit me best. It's padded with wadding so very warm and cozy for my little boy!

Here are some photos:

If you want to see my instructions on how to make one like this, they are coming soon on my website. Please message me, or ask me to post the link on this thread :)
You did a good job, I bet he loves it! About how long did it take to make? I want to make things like this for my pigs, but I don't have enough time!:p
Can you post your website link? :)
I love this! Yes I would like to see instructions :)
It looks great! I love the lady bug fleece!
i would love one for my piggys. i would like to know how you made it. please put up your link. thanks
Hi, thanks for the nice comments :)

@CavyLover1234 Thanks :) It took about a week to make, I did some work everyday. It'd probably take less time if I had a sewing machine though :rolleyes:

@OllieandFriends Yeah, I love the fleece too! In the shop there were tons of styles of fleece but this one just jumped out at me! It matches the fleece I used for the bedding :)

I will post the link as soon as I have finished, hopefully latest by tomorrow. Of course if I am not allowed to post it I can always PM anyone who wants it, or copy and paste the tutorial it onto the forum.
I would love if you could pm me the tutorial.! :)
Okay, I'll PM everyone who's asked to see the tutorial link, because I am not making them to sell I can't post them on GPZ. :)
Could you please PM me the tutorial as well? Thanks!lol
Of course! I'm thinking that if anyone else asks me I might as well just paste the tutorial on another thread and direct people there!
looks SUPER cozy!!!! i will watch that tutorial!!!
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