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Lump Lump..abscess?!


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May 4, 2012
Hey there!

I am brand new to this site and saw that a bunch of people wrote on here about anything and everything guinea pig and thought i would reach out for some advice.

I have a little girl named Pickles (i think she is around 2-3 years old) and she has a huge lump under her chin (on her chest area). I noticed it a couple of weeks ago and thought i would wait to see if it would go away or what....and it unfortunately has not. :( I fear that the lump has been there for a few months now and i have just never noticed because it was hidden behind the fur.

The lump does not seem to bother her in the slightest, and she is still jumping around, eating, drinking, begging for food, etc.

I have been reading up and i believe that she has an abscess. She is a bit of a chubbster so i really dont think its because of her teeth since they are filed down nicely, plus she is eating just fine and does not have bad breath or anything of that sort.

I made a vets appointment for tomorrow morning, but am concerned about what i have been hearing when it comes to guinea pigs and abscesses. Majority of guinea pigs dont seem to make it, or the abscess doesnt seem to ever heal. Again, i dont want to cause her any more trouble then its worth being that she is completely herself and acting totally normal.

I am also concerned about the cost of the visit to the vets as well being that it is already $65 for them just to take a look at her. Does anyone have any idea who much itll cost to have the abscess drained and the upcoming check up appointments? Dont get me wrong, Pickles is my baby and i would do ANYTHING for her, i unfortunately just do not have a whole load of funds to spend.

ANY and ALL feedback would be great. I just want what is entirely best for my sweet girl.

Very thankfully to hear back from anyone! Thanks again!
So i just got back from the vet and they believe it may be a tumor. I am completely heartbroken, and the wait for this diagnosis is killing me. She also said that it could possibly be Lymphadenitis, so i am assuming that an abscess is out of the picture?

As of right now we are just waiting to see what the lab test results are, but otherwise the vet did not really give me much to do or hold onto.

Does anyone else have any experience with this?

What is the likelyhood that my little girl is going to live if she has a tumor or Lymphadenitis?

I was told that surgery would cost anywhere form $900-$1200, and as much as i wish i could, there is no way i can pay for that.

Again, i am just so upset, distraught, and cant stop crying. I need some advice. ANY advice! please.

Lymphadenitis (also called cervical lymphadenitis or CL) is an abscessed, infected lymph node. It can be removed with surgery or opened to drain. It is a tough infection but the prognosis is better than lymphoma. Although there have been recent cases of lymphoma being treated with chemotherapy (on GL) where it actually seemed to work well.

The first thing you need to do is determine whether it's abscess or tumor. I don't know how you feel about surgery for her, whether you can afford it, but removing the entire lump and having it sent off would be a great way to diagnose it, as well as probably curing a lymphadenitis or being the first step to treat lymphoma.

I know exactly how you feel. It sucks. Good luck, and I hope it's just an abscess.
Hey there,
I recently had a guinea pig who had CL, and needless to say (knock on wood) after 3-4 weeks of antibiotics and removal of the lump. He is now back with his boys and happy as ever.

Ditto to Salana and Petlovr please do read over the lumps,and see if it is indeed CL or a tumor.

Sometimes clinics will do a payment plan or even like petlovr suggested carecredit is an option too. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Did you happen to take it to a cavy savvy vet?

Unfortunately with lumps majority of them have to either be lanced or surgically removed.
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