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Love this Site!


Cavy Slave
Jun 20, 2012
Hi everyone! I am new to the site. I came across it while looking around to purchase a C&C cage. I wish I had found this site in November when I got my sweet Joseph. Better late than never, I suppose. I am really excited to interact with everyone and get info on what's best for my Joe!

Here is a picture of my boys!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Love this Site!
welcome aboard :) soon you will become utterly cavy obsessed. Don't say you weren't warned ;) haha.
I think I might already be there! Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome to the forum!! Do you have just one piggy?
Welcome! I love this site too because a lot of people think I'm stupid because I treat my piggies as if they're children, at least everybody here understands how I feel haha!
@JoesLady - it's less expensive to buy the materials for the C&C cages than to purchase a kit. A box of grids from Bed, Bath & Beyond costs about $18 for a box of 20. Coroplast can be bought from almost any sign store for relatively cheap.
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