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Neutering/Spaying Lots of questions


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Jan 9, 2012
Alright, so i'm not sure how much detail I should get into but. . .
Waylon has been bullying Bocefus, nudging him away from food dishes, water bottles, and running into the igloos that Bo is already in, forcing him out. I've tried buddy bathing, expanding the cage, adding more igloos, food dishes, and bottles. Then its escalated to Waylon almost pouncing on Bocefus to get him out of his way and actually taking hay straight out of Bo's mouth. I pretty much plan on splitting them up, getting 2 cages, and giving each of them into a new "herd".
My questions are as follows:
  • Would it be better to neuter one of them to expand my options once at the local guinea pig rescue to possibly get females?
  • How do I decide which one is better to neuter if I go that route?
  • Is pairing a male with a female or two easier than a male-male combo?
  • If so; is neutering both of them an okay option?
  • If I split up Bocefus and Waylon, since they've been together for about 6 months, will they have problems or be fine since they're already having spousal disputes?
I, of course, had more questions but as I began typing they escaped me.
Sorry about putting them all in one thread but all of their squeaks and squabbles in the late night hours have been giving me a lot of anxiety about their situation
How old are your boys? If they are still going through adolescence, you might want to wait it out and try introducing them again at some point. Just a note--pigloos are not good for pigs that have dominance issues, since pigs get trapped inside.

In my experience neutered male/female pairings do very well. The males will still mount the females, especially when the females go into heat. Usually this subsides the longer they've been together.
I think compatibility has more to do with personalities than the gender of the guinea pigs. I have three cages; three females in one, a mother and daughter in a second and an intact and neutered male in the third. The two males are the most bonded of the three. The three females squabble a lot because there's one very dominant and one really submissive one. The mother and daughter get along but do fight over food sometimes. The males are really laid back and never fuss which I found surprising. But they're just really laid back guys. The neutered male was in with my 3 females but I felt bad for my senior male living alone so I moved the other male in with him. This has worked out even better.
How old are your boys?

Bocefus is around 14 months old and Waylon is around 11. Bocefus pretty much put Waylon in his place while going through "puberty" but since then has gotten really relaxed and Waylon has turned into a guinea hog, thinking he needs to chew, bite and own everything he is near
It's most likely his personality, then. Perhaps he needs a bossy female to put him in his place!
Another question then.

If I were to neuter Waylon and go to the local shelter. . .

They claim to let your pig "meet" with another one of their pigs after checking out their personalities to better match them, but at the same time, after bringing a pig home you're supposed to keep them seperated to make sure he/she isn't sick or anything.

Is it really all that safe to take him to hang out with another pig I've neverr met before?

How much does a neutering normally cost? The one vet that I have contacted about it so far gave me a $270 estimate. [which makes me pretty uncomfortable]
If they have already quarantined their pigs, you will not need to quarantine.

A shelter in my area charges $55 to neuter guinea pigs and the vet is very experienced. When you choose a vet for neutering, don't only consider the cost. Ask how many pigs they have neutered and their success rate.

Guinea Pig Neutering, How to Neuter your Guinea Pigs

Your boars behavior sounds normal to me. Try removing the igloo and use something with multiple doors. Foot stools and fleece tent work well for hideys.
I've seen it said that most rescues do their own quarantine before introducing any pigs to their herds, so they don't expose their pigs to a pig that has any problems (I would think the ones that offer the meet-n-greet would DEFINITELY do their own quarantine, so they don't expose YOUR pigs to any problems) but if you do go through with the speed dating, then quarantine would be a moot point, because they are already exposed (quarantine is for bringing home a pig that's either never been in contact, or hasn't been in contact in a while, during which time they could have contracted something they could then give to your pig)

I can't say if it's safe or not for him to hang out with another pig you've never met before, but I feel like you're leaning towards the speed dating. In my opinion, it is the safest option, because they are both being closely observed for dangerous behavior, by an experienced piggy-fight-breaker-upper. There will be someone present who is (hopefully) experienced with GP behavior and interaction to know which behaviors are safe, which are leery, and which are dangerous, and who (once again, hopefully) has experience in how to properly separate fighting GPs without harming themselves or the pigs. If you just bring a GP home and plop him/her in the cage, you could have a fight, and you may not have anyone around to help you break it up.

And, on this page, Guinea Pig Neutering, How to Neuter your Guinea Pigs about halfway down the page there is a paragraph dealing with how expensive neutering can be. Really the only way you can know how much it will cost is by calling each vet in your area and asking them for a quote. The $270 seems towards the higher range of the spectrum, going by Teresa's $35-$300, but that was back in 2001, and factoring in inflation and such, that might now be in the middle of the spectrum. Anyway, that entire link is something you really should read if you're thinking about neutering Waylon, as well as Guinea Pigs Social Life this link, for making introductions, and learning the behaviors that will probably happen during your introductions.

Also, there is another thread floating around within the past day or so debating the benefits of neutering, for behavior and sex-drive (https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...d-peruvian-males-live-teddy-females-help.html) which might be informational for you to just check out, not sure if it will help you, but it might spark something in your mind, knowing Waylon and Bo as you do.
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