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Size looking to expand - again!


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Nov 26, 2011
i'm mathematically impaired, so i need your help. i've decided that the recent squabbling between my 3 boys would be eased by expanding their cage. i currently have them in a 2x5. in going to expand to a 3x5 and need help with sizing. what size coro would i need? i want 3" sides. and would a 3x5 fit on a 6 foot folding table? thanks!
3 x 14 (grids)= 42, + 6 (3 inches per side) = 48 inches
5 x 14 )grids)= 70, + 6 (3 inches per side) = 76 inches
So a sheet that measures 48 by 76 inches is what you will need.
@jacqueline As far as your cage fitting on the table, you said it is 6 feet which is long enough, but how wide is it? Is it at least 42 inches?
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