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Cage Looking for bulk litter for guinea pigs


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Apr 24, 2019
So I'm currently using the litter for ferret (I had ferret) to fill my guinea pigs litter boxes and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on guinea pig safe litter that I can buy in bulk? I have seven female guinea pigs and I go through A LOT of litter. But I want something that will also keep the smell down. Any information would be great. Thanks
Sounds like wood pellets may be a good choice for you. I personally have no experience with them so I can't give you firsthand tips, but if you use the search function at the top of the page for "wood pellets" a LOT of threads come up with information from other users about them.
If you elect not to try the wood pellet solution suggested by @Guinea Pig Papa, I use the Petco "So Phresh Small Animal Crumbled Paper" litter and really like it. It is superb at controlling odor and is reasonably priced. They also have it in a pellet form.
Wood pellets. Hands down the cheapest, and best for odor control.
I really like Carefresh and Critter Care, very absorbent and great for smell! It's a lot thicker than most paper bedding, less dusty and without baking soda. It's more expensive than some bulk litters, but you can print coupons for it off the Carefresh website.
You can buy giant bags of wood shavings for horses. As long as you know the ingredients it should be good at keeping the smell down.
Wood pellets hands down, fleece on top, it lasts months without odor
I used Critter Care for my guinea pigs since the beginning. :) No worries about the odor. :)

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