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Looking for a vet...


Cavy Slave
Mar 1, 2012
I am a first time owner as most seem to be and am currently trying to find a Vet in the Clovis, CA area I have started to build him his own C&C cage just have to find the space to put it and also to find my male a sister to play with while I am at work hence why I need a vet to see if he is neutered and if not to see how much I need to save up. I know online it says the Banfield hospitals attached to Petsmarts have vets but I don't know if I trust a "chain" vet but I also do not have a lot of money. Any suggestions?
Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see a picture of your piggy.

First, for vets. Go to Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Shelters, Veterinarians - Guinea Pig Zone and see if someone has recommended one in your area.

Second, you don't need to take him a vet to find out if he's been neutered. Do you know how old he is? Adult male guinea pigs have pretty impressive male credentials, and it's hard to mistake a neutered one for an unneutered one. Take a look at Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig for good pictures of the difference.

Third, are you looking for a female because you think males won't get along? It's true that they do squabble more sometimes, but whether or not pigs get along has way more to do with age, cage size and pig personality than gender.

Fourth, I wouldn't take any of my pets to Banfield on a bet. IMO, they're barely adequate for dogs and cats, and they have zero training in dealing with exotics. You'd be better off to save your money for a good exotic vet if you ever need one than to waste it on a chain store vet.
First I am working on getting a picture of him up right now I am working from my laptop and all my photos are still on my camera hopefully this weekend I will get a picture up.

Secondly I found one that I am going to give a call but I was pleasantly surprised that the two major vets that my family's dogs have always seen also are qualified to see Cavy's too! So if I ever move back then I already know where he will go no matter the cost I might even make a trip there to see a vet that I trust however that does mean a 3 hour drive. I will probably try out the one I found here first (as long as it isn't to expensive for just a check-up).

Thirdly I know that males can get along with other males but my fear is that he will not and then what do I do with the second male. I have looked for rescues in my area and there are none and also all the posts on craigslist are over a month old meaning I got my first one at a pet store (the lady there was very knowledgeable and also owned a few herself so I kind of trust them) but their policy is you can not return a pet unless it becomes sick within 48 hours so I want to make sure they are compatible first and foremost.
Guinea Pig Zone lists two vets in Fresno.

There's currently a guinea pig in Fresno at the SPCA. Please don't buy one from a pet store -- those pigs are bred and kept in horrific conditions, and purchasing them just perpetuates the cycle. There will be a pig somewhere near you at some point that's up for adoption.

Also, most rescues have several foster homes, and they're not always in the same town as the listed address for the rescue. You can contact one that's just in your general geographic area, and they may have pigs for adoption very close to you. Also, some will arrange piggy trains to get a pig where it needs to be.
Ok I will hold out hope to find one in a rescue. Is there anything that I can do in the mean time to make my Guinea Pig not as lonely? I am basically guessing his is lonely not 100% sure but I work 20 hours a week so that means primarily tues-thurs I am gone most of the day and mon mornings I have school I try to devote at least 15 minutes on those days to give him un-divided attention but I know it isn't enough.
Just give him as much time and attention as you can until you can find another. Some pigs make good study pals -- they're happy to pancake in your lap while you're studying.

There are several guinea pigs around you listed on Craigslist. Some of them look like backyard breeders, but some are free. It would be good if you could take one or more of those -- they're apt to end up as snake food otherwise. Kijiji is another place to look for them.
His name is Bubba Piggy
Thanks for all the help. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable that I can give him time and I will do as much research as possible to find him a companion.
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