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General Looking...but..


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Jan 29, 2012
Hey everyone,
I am getting a little perturbed. I am trying to find Dulce a friend. It has only been a few days since Olive passed, so it is a little hard for me, but I figured that Dulce can't just wait around for me to feel better, lonely. :sorry: I have been looking on craigslist and petfinder to try and find a friend. I prefer a younger one because I have never gotten to raise a young one, and I thought (although I could be wrong) that Dulce would not feel as threatened by a young one. Anyways, the only thing I can find on craigslist is obvious breeders (which I am flagging) pairs, or males. There a few adoption agencies in the area, but let me tell you their application process has become insane! I understand that they have to deal with people abusing pets and neglecting them, but I had to do less paperwork to get into college. It really kind of irritates me. Please don't get me wrong, I know why they do it mostly, but it is still obnoxious that I want to help them out by taking in one of their guinea pigs but they want pictures of my house! (Feel free to get ticked at me anytime I am just ranting). I really don't know what to do. She is so lonely!
Hello! Where are you located, generally speaking? Maybe we can help you find Dulce a buddy!
The closest big town to me is Philly.
Try petfinder again, I noticed that if you just type in "guinea pig" as the breed you get guinea pigs but if you also look under "abyssinian" "peruvian" "teddy" and "silky" you will get more guinea pigs of each of those breed. I wish that petfinder didn't do it that way for guinea pigs as there are so few on the site. Anyway, it's worth a try!
Youngsters can be dominant, just as any age guinea pig can be so don't overlook adults due to that. You might also consider getting a male and having him neutered. Don't be discouraged after a few days because sometimes it takes a little while to find the right guinea pig. What kind of requirements do the rescues have there?
Oh I never thought of that! Thanks!
From my limited experience, I see that rescues are far more selective when they are adopting out a single GP as opposed to a pair or trio. This makes sense to me because they know all of their animals and are likely to let you know which ones will get along and ease the transition from one environment to the other. If you are homing one, however, they are well within their right to ask you as much about your living arrangements, where you plan to keep the cage, etc.

To be safe, I sent pictures of the cage as I was setting it up, took pictures of the room and sent them to the rescue person *prior* to my appointment meeting to look at the cavies. I could tell that it wasn't necessary, but I think the initiative went a long way in proving (showing who I was without having been asked to go the extra mile) that I would be an ideal pet owner.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is although it may seem like the third degree at first, if you know that you're a good caregiver and have the best intentions, don't take the inspections personally. I had no idea what this rescue person's past experience was like or how her day, week, month, year had been like with regards to finding these animals, taking them in for better for worse, in sickness and in health. Heck, I think I'd be pretty grumpy all the time to cover up the anguish from finding these animals in the worst of conditions.

All I knew was that I was finally ready to have GPs and I had nothing to hide and everything to give. And when I look at my piggies now, I really do thank the rescue person in my head for having taken good care of them; that I never had to see them when they were stuck where they had been. I'm sorry if it seems a bit dramatic, but I'm only doing the smallest of favors by adopting two GPs. But I've encountered plenty of people who are mystified as to why rescues don't cater to them automatically. I mean, logically, aren't all people who adopt (by virtue of the choice they're making) supposed to be lauded and thus, not questioned too much by the rescue agency? I don't know about that. I think there are many horrible stories that account for why rescues make it tough.

I think that if you have nothing to hide, hide nothing.
(broken link removed) : I understand the need. And no I have nothing to hide. It just gets frustrating. But you are right, they should not just take me at my word. I guess I am getting wrapped up in wanting to find Dulce a friend so badly that the process is annoying me. I should remember the process I made people go through when I fostered dogs. I do get it, I really do.
CrazyMom, I'm very sorry for your loss and I'm sure it's a factor in the frustration. {{{hugs}}}
I think it is too. But you are right about everything you said. Thank you for putting it into perspective for me. I needed that! :eek:ptimist:
Here's a piggie rescue. They were kinda hard to find because the rescue is based in NJ. Even so, they have foster homes in Philadelphia, Collegeville, Feasterville, North Wales, Conshohowken, Holland, and Bensalem PA. On petfinder, all their animals are listed as being in NJ, but I bet a ton of them are near you waiting to meet Dulce!
Whoops sorry here is the link: (broken link removed)
If you have any adoption agencies around you, like SPCA, or Humane Society, they could have a few that aren't on pet finder, or craigslist. You can go, and check to see. :)
I agree to getting a smaller piggie, it makes them less tense. My two girls got along instantly.
Hope this helped!
Keep us posted!
Well, Have-A-Heart mostly has older piggies and males in Pennsylvania on petfinder, but maybe if you give them a call they might have some that aren't on petfinder yet... Since they are privately run, they will probably be vigilent in making sure you are a fantastic piggie owner but not make you fill out a mountain of paperwork
I will email them and see what they say. I have emailed one rescue a little closer and if I don't get anywhere with them, I will try somewhere Have a Heart. A lot of their piggies are fostered in NY and that is quite a haul! I will let you guys know what happens. I am basically hoping the rescue can match me with the right piggy. I know that many people see a picture and "fall in love" and have to have that one! But the rescue knows them better than I do. I basically emailed them and said this is my situation, do you have any that will fit? I hope that works out ok.
And one more thing, please feel free to put me in my place but...is it wrong to want a baby gp? They are just so darn freaking cute and I have never been able to raise one up...I feel like a bad person for wanting one because it just like puppies..everyone wants a puppy but not the old dog. Ugh. Guilt trip me out of this one if it is needed....
I never went into my adoption experience expecting to get a baby, but I did. He's a lot more skittish. If your Dulce is very dominant, it might work out if she had a baby who was submissive. My friend homed a 2 year old sow with her 4 year old sow and is having problems because of dominance, perhaps, but not sure - age-related issues.

On the other hand, if Dulce is complacent, it might be a good thing to give her a young one to have look up to her, teach her the good stuff to eat, how not to be afraid of you, etc. The thing with adoptions I think is to go in not expecting anything but getting a healthy GP.
She was some what dominate over Olive, but never anything to bad. I think alot of the time she just wanted to play and Olive didn't feel good. Dulce is a super chill pig, that just lets me holder for how every long I want and talks to me from time to time. I will just be happy to get another one. I wont turn the right piggy down if she is older for sure, but if the right piggy is younger, well then good for me. HA!
OK I am an idiot! I wasn't looking at craigslist in the right place. I forgot to change it to community instead of for sale. There are A TON!
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