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Grooming longhaird


Cavy Slave
Nov 14, 2011
So i was looking at getting 2 piggys but that was a no go:/ so i found one and i might get her shes 5 years and it says on the site that she loves baths! and being groomed shes a long hair so what would i need to do for her?
heres a pic of her

Cute huh :)
I wouldn't keep her on shredded newspaper or hay. Fleece is best for long haired. I use a brush and comb to groom mine every day, especially the back end. You can trim the back fur to keep it cleaner. Long haireds are much more work than short haired pigs.
Aww she is very cute! With my longhaired Peruvian I have to keep his hair cut short because he hates to be brushed and he's getting older and it's harder for him to keep himself tidy. If she likes to be brushed though, just brush her daily. It will remove any dirt and brushing helps to spread her natural oils over her hair to keep is healthy and shiny. You may have to trim around her bum because the bum hairs on longer pigs tends to stay wet and can get poops and hay caught in it. This can cause a UTI. Also, don't bath often, it can dry out her skin. If she likes to be brushed I would just brush her and do bum cleanings a few days a week to make sure nothing nasty is getting caught in their. She is so lovely!
Also, ditto on using fleece. It's the best for long haired piggies!
This was her on the site she will be on fleece
One suggestion for trimming fur is to have someone hold her while you trim. I comb through the fur and when I get to the length you want to cut, keep the comb in place and trim in a straight line, using the outside edge of the comb as your guide. There's no way you'll accidentally cut her and you'll get a nice, even trim.
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