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General Long Weekend Care


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Jan 28, 2012
My husband and I are planning a to go away for a long weekend in July.
Will our 2 pigs be ok alone from late Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon?
They (we have 2) are in a c & c cage with fleece. I can leave extra food, pellets and hay....but will they be ok without fresh veggies?
I have done that when we went to a horse show. Loaded up the hay and pellets, double water bottles filled to the brim. Gave veggies right before we left.

They were FINE.

I wouldn't have left them much longer, though.
I leave mine for two days in a row. I do the same as Field of Dreams. Load up on the goodies, I also use litter instead of fleece since it stays cleaner without daily care.

I would not leave them alone for more than that.
They have 2 water bottles right now (small bottles) Should I put more in the cage?
They have 2 water bottles right now (small bottles) Should I put more in the cage?

Yes, you cannot have TOO much water if you're going away!
They would probably be fine for a weekend, but you could ask someone if they would mind checking up on them. When ever we leave, we always have my uncle come in and check on our dog, make sure she has enough food and water, let the her out so she doesn't leave us any messes. We've never actually left for more than one day since we got the piggies, so there was no reason to ever have him give them their veggies, but he would if we asked.

If you found someone that was willing to check on them once a day, you could have their veggies ready cut in containers for each day your gone.
We have only left ours for one night so far...I will say the poop clean up is quite a job when we returned, but they didn't seem to mind. I gave them veggies before we left and the minute we got home. We are planning a two night trip soon and I hope that we can leave our now single pig for a couple of days. I do think we will ask our neighbor to give her veggies. I think your little pigs should be fine.
I would be very nervous about leaving them alone for more than one night. As someone mentioned, if you could get someone to look in on them it would be better. So many things could happen--water bottles leaking, a pig getting stuck or injured, etc.
I wouldn't keep them on fleece for that period of time without having someone sweeping at least once or twice a day, considering how quickly poop builds up & could lead to an infection.
i let mine for two nights on fleece,they just buried under it! i was not pleased as it seemed dangerous but all was fine :)
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