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Long-time reader, first time poster!


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Apr 28, 2012
Hello everyone,

I've been reading the site for some time, along with some others, before I decided to adopt my little guy. I'll get some pictures soon, along with updating my actual user information, I promise, Lol. I even made one of the cuddle cups after seeing it on here (though I am still a bit new to sewing, so it's a little lumpy - gunna go with some better batting next time ;))

My piggy's name is Hawkeye Mulder (I'm sure you can guess where those two come from, LoL). He is, from what I gathered, a grey and white (dutch markings?) short-hair. Maybe when I get some good photos you guys can fill me in!

My husband and I will be building him a new cage when we switch to our house in about a month. He's getting out of the military (I have been out for some time myself), and we're going to get him a buddy as soon as we can as well. I love my little guy, he's a popcorn-nut and quite the daredevil. Little rattles him at this point, and he's only been here for about a week! I plan on taking him to the vet for a general check-up in the coming days, and have a scale to keep track of his weight each week. I discovered he'll do just about anything for some dandelion leaves, and his excited sounds over them never ceases to amaze me. Overall, he's a happy, young, and funny piggy.

I look forward to sharing stories and getting to know you all, and for all advice you have to give.
I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself, and that you've found useful info here. Definitely post pics of Hawkeye and your cuddle cup!
I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself, and that you've found useful info here. Definitely post pics of Hawkeye and your cuddle cup!

I really have - owner experiences here are amazing and outstandingly informative! I'll get a good pic of the little one sometime this afternoon, as right now he's sleeping like a baby in his cuddle cup and it would break my heart to wake him LOL :D
[GuineaPigCages.com] Long-time reader, first time poster!

I know it's a little blurry, but Hawkeye is a popcorn monster. 95% of the pictures I just tried to take were 'NOSE IN CAMERA! NOSE IN CAMERA!' :crazy: He found it fascinating. I don't have a real estimate on his age, but he must be under a year. Currently weighs about 283.5 grams, nails are still quite sharp, but well groomed. I am definitely switching over from the aspen bedding to fleece/liner sometime soon, as I love to play with my sewing machine, and the idea is fantastic. If anyone can direct me to a thread/website with a reliable place to purchase my C&C cage building supplies, that would be fantastic. Hope you like my little nose-kisser! He is still in the 'I have to test everything with my teeth' phase, but never bites. Nibbles and kisses...doesn't help that I smell like delicious veggies. ❤️

Oh, and one more question: I keep him out of drafts with any means possible, such as the location of his cage. We have a fairly small apartment with central air, however, and are there any extra precautions I should be taking? Thanks everyone!
No advice for the drafts/air question but I had to say how adorable he is. Congrats.
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