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Long time lurker, first time poster


Cavy Slave
May 20, 2012
I stumbled upon this forum and website. I want to thank the community for providing such a wealth of information. I have learned so much, and I sincerely thank you all.

I fell in love with the idea of owning a guinea pig when I was at a pet store in November 2011. I resisted the temptation to buy a pet, since I know pet stores are there to sell things, not help you be a good, responsible pet owner.

I knew nothing about guinea pigs; the sheet the pet store provided had been photocopied so many times that it was hard to read. I knew a single sheet of paper wasn't enough to make the commitment to an animal.

I found a rescue and adopted a mom and daughter pair in December 2011. I renamed them Lunch and Dinner, mostly because I knew guinea pigs were considered food in one of the countries that I study, and it's no different than naming your chickens Soup and Supper. (It didn't hurt that my other half got on board with guinea ownership when presented with the names. We're darkly sarcastic like that.)

Sadly, my other half turned out to be really, really allergic to the hay and slightly allergic to the guinea pigs. This was less than a week before Christmas. I put down an ultimatum: figure out if we can keep the guinea pigs and tell me before Christmas or I'll never forgive you. As long as the pigs are in another room, everything is fine. He can even pet them, but he can't do the snuggling, having them on his lap sort of stuff.

I have done several trips with Lunch and Dinner. The first was to a town two and a half hours away to see how they handled car trips. The second (a week later) was when I moved back to school 18 hours away. I started out using a small carrier, and after three hours of wheeking/shrieking, I pulled into a Fred Meyer and bought the biggest laundry basked and a package of clothespins.

I also did another 12 hour trip to visit my folks (24 hours round trip), guinea pigs in tow. This time, I put them in two separate containers for the drive--laundry basket for one, vet visit cage for the other. If kept together, Lunch (the daughter) would continually try to climb under her mother, and the two of them would quarrel. Separate cages brought peace and quiet, and they seemed a lot less miserable after the trip.

I'm about to move across the country in two months, so I'll be packing them up for the 2400 mile (3880 km) trip.

I started out using shavings, and switched to fleece within a week. I use a modified 2x4 C&C with layers as follows: area rug, tarp, shower curtain, mattress pad, fleece, and finally towels and/or area blankies (which have a cotton design top and fleece bottom). I use a litter pan in the corner and put kiln dried pine shavings on the bottom and their hay on top of it.

I feed fresh veggies twice a day. Now my guinea pigs know the sound of me coming home from Costco or Jack in the Box, and wheek accordingly! (I give them my tomatoes and cucumbers from my Jack in the Box side salad.) They also wheek if I get myself a snack out of the fridge and don't bring them something.

The guinea pigs have had a few health scares: Dinner had a runny nose (turns out it was allergies to the new hay) and Lunch ATE half a plastic sandwich bag, then later ate parts of the SHOWER CURTAIN when I put her in the tub. Both of them are none worse for the wear, but they certainly try to get into trouble on a regular basis!

I try to avoid buying things from pet stores that sell animals, but unfortunately wag.com doesn't carry the Oxbow Adult Cavy Cuisine that Lunch and Dinner like. [I really do like wag.com and their customer service. If you use them based on this recommendation, please enter my recommendation ID: CELL4118 and I apologize if this breaks the rules and will remove it if it does!] I keep tons of toys and chew things for them, but they LOVE chewing on their pigaloo, castle, and litter box.

I adore my guinea pigs. I spoil them. They do laps and popcorn. Life is good.
Welcome! We'd certainly love to see pictures of Lunch and Dinner. (Love the names, btw.)
I had to download one from my Twitter feed. Here are Lunch (the grey one) and Dinner (the brown one). [GuineaPigCages.com] Long time lurker, first time poster
They are adorable! Love their coloring! Thank you for adopting. I've always felt like rescue animals seem the most grateful for their home. I'm sure Lunch and Dinner are thankful for their new mama! :)
I had no idea there were guinea pig rescues. I mean, cat and dog rescues are ubiquitous. Even my parents said, "Guinea pigs have rescues too?" I am so happy that I was raised to treat pet stores with suspicion. Impulse pets are very, very bad ideas. My "impulse" to get a guinea pig lasted for over a month and a half.

I'm glad I found this forum (among others) that helped educate me and prepare me for guinea pig parenthood, although I could probably write a sizable blog post on what I wish I had/had known before bringing them home.
Welcome! Cute piggies!!
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