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Introductions long story short. . .


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Nov 26, 2011
brought home a pig from a rescue yesterday!! :) i had 2 5 month old males, well bonded and happy. i read the info in the social life post about introductions and prepared myself, and them. when we got home, i put all three in a towel lined bath tub (no water) along with lettuce. lots of posturing, some scuffles, and a towel thrown once or twice when it got too intense (no blood drawn!). :eek: i placed them in a newly cleaned and rearranged cage. i expanded the 2 X 5 into a 2 X 6 and put a temporary divider up to separate the new pig from my other boys, at least for the night.
everyone's eating pellets, veggies, and hay; drinking water and pooping fine. today i repeated the bat tub time, and it seems like they finally established who's who, after more posturing. things seem quieter in the cage now, but i still have them separated with the divider. suggestions please!! should i remove the divider now, or give them more time? :?:
I can't remember the exact info, and searched for it but forgot where it is. But the two new ones are suppose to be quarantined for at least 3 weeks to make sure they don't have anything contagious(mites etc). I noticed no one responded, so I wanted to make sure you didn't let them be together yet. I would actually line the divider with fleece for the quarantine time if you don't have a separate cage. Wait for someone who knows what to do before you go any further. Congrats by the way!!
@Crystalkate she may not have to quarantine -- depends on what the rescue did. The two we got from a rescue had been quarantined already, and were good to go. Whereas we had to quarantine our rescue from the pound for 4 weeks.
If they are figuring things out, you should just put them together in the completely cleaned cage. Separating and reintroducing restarts the process each time. If it doesn't work out, they should be in separate rooms for a few weeks and try intros again.

Guinea Pigs Social Life
Read the link in Kimberley's post. You probably should have quarantined the new one, and once introduced, you shouldn't have separated them again. Every time you put them together and then separate them, they have to do the whole dominance sorting routine over again.

If you do this again, there's no need to put them in a bath tub. They really should be in a much larger place so they've got room to get away from each other if things don't go well. The only reason to put them in a bath tub is to actually give them a buddy bath. Do this at a time when you've got several hours for the introductions -- it's not a short process.

I'd start again, maybe on the bathroom floor, and then put them all in the same cage. Unless someone is being bitten or harassed, let them bed.
thanks for all your replies. just to clarify, i did get the new pig from a rescue that had already quarantined him. he's a special needs pig. he was impacted, and still needs help getting un-impacted 2X a day. he's also missing 2 toes and is a "senior citizen (5 years old).
so, i guess tomorrow, we'll let them all loose on the bathroom floor, with hideys and then put them all back in the cleaned cage and see what happens. thanks!!:rolleyes:
Thanks for taking him! Lots of people swear that senior pigs are the best and the cuddliest. If I ever get any more, I think I'll look for seniors too.
thanks! he's a very sweet boy. and right now - 7:40 p.m.m y time, i've removed the divider and all three boys are doing just fine. i work in hospice, and that's kind of exetnded into my pet's life, too. i feel strongly about taking "seniors" in and giving them peaceful, happy days - for how ever many they have left. it makes my heart feel good. and i am also soooo grateful for all those who work tirelessly to rescue pigs, provide them with shelter and medical care and love - and work so hard to find them good homes. when i adopted my last dog, i'll never forget being told that this dog, "kazi" had never had his own person - and that he was ready for that. every animal deserves to have "their own person" and a good, safe home. i couldn't have done this without the support of this site as well - thanks everyone! ❤️
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