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Oct 12, 2008
I have a little history of guinea pigs. I have owned a guinea pig named Mikey that was given for me on my b-day, and he died in 2007, being 7 years old. He was a very tiny Aby when brought to me, couldn’t eat, so I actually had to play the mommy role. I used to carry him in my pockets (that’s how tiny he was at 1st), so he got used to sleeping with me, especially on my chest when he got older, and on my neck, and every time I got home he started to whistle and couldn’t wait just to cuddle. He had no other cavy friends owned by me, but he always had mates to play with for every few months (brought from my friends, who had guinea pigs too). He loved to play hide and seek only with me in my room, when he sensed I was in the mood, otherwise he set next to my feat and came after me if I moved (more like a free range piggy). He was so cute, and loving, and everyone who said they didn’t like Guinea pigs, fell in love with him! His death was very harsh for me and I miss him so much! This is how I gained some experience and knowledge about piggies, reading books and such at that time, and providing them the best care I knew back then.
I personally have owned also one cat, and one dog.
The cat, Rosy, whom I saved from the back of my building, during a cold winter is around 11 years old. Because we lived in an apartment (where the guinea pig was), for us bigger pets like cats, dogs, need a big yard, so we took it to our house, where my grandparents were staying (but we were the primary care givers, daily feeding and so on).
The dog is a male, named Lux, German Sheppard, he is 7 years old, we bought him for the house, as the former dog died very young of a heart malformation. I have trained him a little and he is of course, one of my beloved ones.
I didn’t stop owning them. I just moved from Europe to Florida, as my husband is here. My folks are taking good care of them, but I miss them very much! They are my babies!
I was raised and taught to love animals, and grew up having them around (fish, cats, dogs, rabbits, beavers, chickens, ducks, gooses, turkeys, pigeons, sheeps, cows, horses, you name it!). I have had a loyal and loving relationship with my former guinea pig, my dog and cat. I just crave for an animal companion. It makes you more responsible, more carrying and jolly. It always puts a smile on your face!

My husband met my former guinea pig, and he fell in love with him! So we ended up adopting "our kids" in October 2008, Alvin and Theodore, two spoiled Abys. I’ve subscribed to this forum to learn more info, and maybe share and help if I can. It was a great decision, as it is the best quality info I’ve known. Let's say we also have another adopted "child", a cat, who comes to visit us and begs for attention and a scratch (though it is owned by someone as it has a collar). Of course he is not allowed in the house. We are so proud of our family!

A little about myself: more like a strong personality, sustaining my believes, graduated multi-media design (photo/video/image processing), I love art, drawing, art history, animals of course, computer geek, design, music, reading, talking (I appreciate knowledgeable people) blah blah blah…I am a multi-tasking person who likes having as much knowledge as possible about the things she loves.
My English is far from being perfect. Why? Just as an extra info, me and my husband are both from Romania (our families are actually multi-cultured, Romanian-Hungarian). Considering some of the comments I’ve heard about flags and countries, and geography "knowledge" I would like to point out that the above stated country is located in the Central East part of Europe, you know, the continent East of here, West of Asia, and North of Africa. Hope that clarification helps. :p

That’s all folks!