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Sounds Lonely cry?


Cavy Slave
Apr 2, 2012
We had our floor time again today. Its been about a week, we've had floor time every day for at least an hour. Usually I try and spend most of the time in their with them, either feeding them or kneeling over them (which they seem to love. As soon as I go into bridge mode they run under me and over my arms and such, really cute) I set up a salad for them on the floor so they can snack while they run. They have two little houses or tunnels they can hide in and they are very safe. They still run when I go to pick them up but its only been a week.
Tonight I set up thier floor time and played 'bridge' with them for a few moments then I stepped over the gate to go check on some clothes. When I turned the corner, Peaches ran over to the gate and looked out the doorway and started crying loud, it sounded exactly like the lonely pig cry this website links too. When I came back in she RAN OVER TO MY FEET AND CLIMBED ON THEM. For me, this was huge, she actually ran over to me and snuggled up. She didn't seem afraid, either. After that, for the rest of floor time, she came when I called her name. Now this is also the pig that has a habit of chattering her teeth every time we go into her cage. So I need some opinions.
Was she really crying because she was lonely? She was not alone, of course, Clover was with her.
What can I do to calm her down with the teeth chattering?
Thank you to anyone who could help me!!
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