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Upper Levels Loft Question


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Jan 10, 2012
We have two GPs who are sisters, in a Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus cage for the time being. They are young, born on Nov. 27, 2011. Anyway, I am planning to upgrade to a C&C cage and am contemplating a 1 x 2 loft for it as well, to be used for feeding area, rather than just a one-level cage.

The girls share a hay rack, no problem, but they each have their own pellet bowl and their own veggie bowl. This is because one of them is dominant and sort of "hogs" the food bowl and the other will only get leftovers. So they each have their own. Total, of course: 4 food bowls.

My question is this: will four food bowls FIT in a 1 x 2 loft? Is there enough room for both piggies to be up there feeding at the same time?

Thanks for any and all opinions/suggestions.
I would do a 2x2 loft, I had just one piggie in mine with hay and I don't think another would have fit with water bottles, hay, and bowls. I think a 2x2 would be better.
My only problem with the 2 x 2 is that is shades so much of the cage below and it's quite dark. I want them to have more light and I don't have any way to extend a 2 x 2 off the end of the cage.
I have a 2x2 loft on my 2x5 cage. It is dark underneath, but my girls seem to like it. They're still pretty shy, so I think they are only under there if I'm watching. Judging by the poos they spend most of their time in the loft.
If the sides aren't too high light should come in through the cubes, depending on how your cage is set up in the room.
A 2x2 loft is a pain to clean under. I have a 2x2 loft but half of it hangs over the side, and it works perfectly. I love it :)
My cage is similar to this one here: 2x4 cage with 2x2 over hang loft - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
Only on mine, I ziptied two grids diagonally to connect the side with the bottom of the loft for added support. My cage is very sturdy too so I'd recommend that.
I had a 1x2 loft for 2 pigs and their bowls fit fine. They however did not like it up there for eating. They wanted to eat underneath. So I moved the kitchen area to underneath the loft and now they just go up on the loft to play and use it as a look out and since they like peeing and pooping in the dar area underneath it works good that thats where the litter box is
How big do you plan on making your C&C cage?

Maybe you could run your loft along the longer side so you have more room. Check out the link for an example of what I'm talking about.
IMG_1821 - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
You could also do a 1x2 loft on each side of the cage so their are two eating areas.
I bought a kit for our C&C cage and it arrived a couple of days ago. I haven't taken it out of the box yet, so I don't know if I have any real option as to where the loft will go. I do know that given the space I have, it will probably have to go over one end or the other, on the side is not really an option. I bought a 2 x 4 cage with a 1 x 2 loft. Since first posting about the bowl issue, I have found that our two girls are actually not consuming enough pellets to warrant two bowls of them. They are heavily into their veggies and hay, and the pellets seem to be an afterthought. So it looks like we will have two veggie bowls and one pellet bowl up in the loft, plus the hay rack and litter box. Water bottles on upper and lower levels. The plan is to assemble the kit this weekend and get them moved in---hopefully they will accept the loft as their eating area---they are pretty young and nervous yet, so I am not sure they will appreciate their food being so "out in the open" We'll see. We also will be switching to fleece and have new fitted liners from piggybedspreads.com. So these two babies will be having some real adjusting coming up real soon! Could use some suggestions for the litter box---am going to use Carefresh in there because they are used to it, but I haven't found a litter box that is the right size. Any suggestions as to what kind of box would work and fit well into a 1 x 2 loft?
Did the kit come with coroplast for the loft? If so, you can turn the entire loft into a litter box (kitchen). I put down puppy pads with a layer of carefresh on top in the entire 1x2 loft.
Yes, the loft has coroplast, but it will also have a fleece piggy bedspread that I really didn't intend to cover with Carefresh as a litter box. I was hoping to have a separate litterbox under the hay rack, and the food bowls sitting on the fleece. I am trying to figure out what kind of plastic box I can use for the litterbox that would fit in one end of the 1 x 2 loft. I thought of a rubbermaid type plastic shoe box with a u-shaped entrance cut in it, but am not sure of how I can actually cut the plastic. And it may be too deep, I don't know. It would have high sides so the Carefresh didn't fly all around, but a low enough entrance so the girls can easily get in and out. The hay rack would hang directly above it.
I had a plastic bin I cut a hole in. I found the best method was to use a BBQ lighter to heat up a piece of plastic, then cut with a sharp knife.

I've heard a hot-knife attachment for a soldering machine would work but I haven't tried it.
That's the trick. Cutting the hole. Am not sure I have the right tools. Dang.

I wonder if a hacksaw would work?
Maybe you could try to connect the upper level like this if you're worried about dark areas or hard to reach corners? If you did, you would probably just need an extra grid for support right under where the ramp attaches to the loft,but that wouldn't be a big deal if a hidey or something was next to it.
Loft Question

And yeah, you have to heat up the plastic a little to not make it as hard. The BBQ lighter has worked best for me [mostly because I tried to put one in the stove one time and forgot it was there. . . short attention span.] And then just use something really sharp to slice into the sucker. The edges should be TOO sharp, but if they were, you could melt them a little with the same heat or try to use sandpaper or something? Not sure how that would work, but I have had to melt corners before. Good luck! And make sure to let us see how it turns out. haha
Try this with the highest tooth count you can find then sandpaper after cutting, with this saw you can rotate the blade to cut sideways. (broken link removed)
I used a box I found at Target for a litter box. It was about 2 1/2 or 3 inches high. She could jump in and out of it. You could try a hack saw for cutting.
Oops! Old thread, sorry
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Yep, we're all set. Got a 2 x 4 bottom and a 1 x 2 loft with ramp. Everything has worked out great, and they are happy little piggies!
I would do a 2x2 loft
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