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Rabbits Local shelter overrun with rabbits!


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Apr 23, 2012
None of the nearby rabbit rescues have any space so we are caring for them as best we can. Problem- the rabbit room is small, some of the rabbits are very big and none have cages big enough. Suggestions for an enclosure to accommodate around 25 rabbits, mostly the larger breeds, in a small space?
How big is very big, weight-wise? And what's your enclosure budget like?

This is definitely one of those temporary situations where there's not going to be ideal enclosure options available to you, but if they can be kept in a reasonable amount of space cleanly and safely until there's more room, then that might be the best option.

Depending on how big is big, really large dog crates stacked might be an option... and then having some sort of exercise space for them as well, so that everyone can stretch their legs more on some sort of rotating schedule. Anyway, I'll have more of a think for you. Is there anyone you know of that can foster as well?
So many big buns. :(
There are some regular sized dwarf rabbits, but the big ones are probably 20-25lbs each. I asked about putting up an outdoor area for them so they could be out during the day, but vandals would destroy and steal it during the night. We have cleared out one of the cat rooms and moved half the rabbits there. I took home a pair of white rabbits who are both over 20lbs. They have a big dog kennel inside and anpen outside and they seem happier already ��
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