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Play Lizzie and Marie's new trick!


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Apr 19, 2011
Okay so obviously by the title you already know that Lizzie and Marie have learned a new trick. Ok so their 2x5 cage is on the floor and the way it is designed there are no grid in the front jus coroplast...well except for one on each end/corner. I started with Marie putting her paws up on the coroplast and after a while of training blah blah blah she got it!!! Both my pigs can now jump in there cage on their own! I decided to teach them this because they get so excited when I try to put them back and on more than one occasion have jumped from my arms and although it's never happened I don't want them to get hurt.
Sounds like pretty smart pigs. I love it when they learn something new. I was pretty excited when my girl Abbey decided to climb up on my knee all by herself when it was time to go back to her cage. No more chasing her around to catch her. She has been doing this consistently for about two weeks now. She hated being picked up and so this must be her solution to the problem.
Awww she is one smart piggy! Guinea pigs are some very smart creatures and they learn pretty quickly I only took me a few days to teach Lizzie and Marie.
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