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URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Little Mushu still has an URI.


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Sep 1, 2011
It has been almost two weeks that little Mushu, our newest, has had an URI. He is improving, no more crusty nose, or Eye discharge; but he still sneezes a good bit, and I still hear a slight snuffiness when he breathes. He has been on Trimethoprim Sulfa 50mg/ml for almost two weeks at a dosage of 0.1 cc twice a day. The Doctor instructed to continue the usage for a week, but we have gone past that because he has yet to be cured.

What should we do? There is no way possible i can afford an exotics vet right now, for something that isn't life or death. I plan on calling the vet tomorrow, however, I need to know what you guys think I should do. We want to introduce him to Havok, but we are worried whatever Mushu still has might reinfect Havok.

Thanks guys.
Baytril is more often used for URIs than trimethoprim, I think. Bactrim is one of the trimethoprims, and is not as strong as Baytril. You might ask about changing to it -- the A/B he's on should have taken care of the URI by now if it were going to.

But Baytril more often causes digestive problems, so watch to make sure he's still eating/pooping normally. Weigh daily, and be prepared to handfeed. See www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html. Also get some probiotics in case you need them.
The trimeth sulfa dose sounds low. How old is he, and how much does he weigh? I agree with bpatters, though, in that Baytril would probably be a better antibiotic for an URI.
Mushu is only about 3 months old. He weighs around 315-330 grams. I have Baytril from Havok, but i was afraid to use it on little Mushu because 1) Havok weighs a good 600 grams, (Gained around 100 Grams in the past two weeks.), and 2) I heard it causes growth defects in young animals.
I haven't heard any evidence of Baytril causing growth defects, especially in an animal already 3 months old. Others will have to speak to the veracity of that statement in regards to embryonic development.

I would call the vet and request that you guys attempt another antibiotic than what was originally prescribed.

ETA: I just found one article on diminished bone formation from Baytril in young, rapidly developing dogs. This may apply to pigs as well. Great question for a cavy savvy vet and members with more Baytril experience than myself.
You're right, it's not usually used in young pigs. I didn't realize Mushu was that young.

However, it sounds like the other A/B isn't working, so maybe it's time to try something else.
My vet likes bactrim for UTI but Baytril for URI. I have only had one pig ever with a uri and recovered on baytril
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