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General Little black mites in cage


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Feb 1, 2012
OK, I've just found tiny black mites running around the girls litter/hay tray, it had just been washed and lined with clean news paper and hay, I pushed back the hay to fold down a corner of the paper a bit further out of site (or the piggies just rip it up) and I saw these little black dots moving. I checked the bags of hay, they aren't in there, I checked the meal bin they aren't in there, they aren't on the piggies (thankfully), a intensive search of the cage turned up 1 more on the edge of the corex and 1 on the fleece about the middle of the cage, but the most of them were (about 6 ) were seen in the tray. They are not fleas (I have enough other animals to know what a flea looks like), they are not lice (they are black), they are easy to squish, if I really had to hazard a guess I'd say house or dust mites, they are about the right size, but why are they in the pigs cage? It's bedded with fleece with news paper and puppy pads at the vital spots underneath, which is changed every 2nd day, and the corex is wiped all over with animal safe spray.

Any Ideas anyone?????
Mites are invisible to the eye. They're probably static lice which are tiny and black. Running lice are larger and are more of a cream or light color..
STATIC LICE!? Good lord! Where do those come from?
They aren't as bad as mange mites. Some people refer to them as fur mites. They aren't blood suckers so guinea pigs aren't at risk the way they are from mange mites. They're more of a nuisance than anything. They live on the follicles of the hair and tend to be more concentrated near the rear of the animal. They're easily treated so I wouldn't be too creeped out about them. They're species specific so you're not at risk.
can that prevented? or do they just show up? :/
I don't think there's any way to prevent them, but they're not terribly common. So if you can get rid of these, you should be ok.
The thing is they were never on the piggies, just in the cage, and their no where to be seen now. Of course I gave everything a good clean and I've been checking ever since I saw them, and I haven't seen them again. So I wondering if they were regular house mites that have come from the ceiling as my Hubby was up in the attic earlier that day, maybe they have just got shook down. I was going to do the girls for parasites anyhow, I saw some Beaphar spot-on in my local pet store, does anyone know if its any good??
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