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Little Bear


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Cavy Slave
Feb 12, 2021
Little Bear came into my life unexpectedly last October and then left the same way. He was my fav guinea pig and I won't lie. He went from a shy abandoned guinea pig, to a happy, outgoing senior. He picked up so many good traits from his adopted brother Gimbly, like begging, wheeking, and nibbling the bars in anticipation of food (he didn't really understand this so he just put his mouth on the bars). After his eye removal he had a huge personality shift and would wheek for me, wheek at my voice, wheek for no reason, and just be happy. He would run to the bars when he heard me and was okay with being held. Out of all my pigs, only he was happy to run around the room. It was so fun watching my little blind pig race around the living room. He passed overnight unexpectedly, but just as he did with life, I know he'd want us to move on and be happy. I'll always love him and his ashes will soon be sitting with his original brother Bruin.
Little Bear is finally at peace.

It makes me so sad to know he found a wonderful home so late in his life, and so much by accident. The same with Bruin.

Then you came along. And you didn't hesitate. You loved them and looked after them they way they deserved, they way they should have been from the start. You showed both of them the way their lives were supposed to be. Thank you so very, very much for that.

Little Bear showed you, in the remaining weeks of his life, what your love and care had done for him. He showed you who he really was. What an amazing gift he gave you, in return for your love and devotion.

He is now with Bruin at the Rainbow Bridge. He has plenty of warm sun and green grass, and veggies are plentiful. He will wait there with Bruin for you to take him home one last time.

So, @4boipigs , thank you for who you are. Thank you for what you've done. For both Little Bear and Bruin, Chico and Amigo, and every other animal along the way.

Rest in peace, Little Bear. You are going to be missed both at home, and here on the forum. I will miss reading about you.
I'm so sorry to read of Little Bear's passing. I followed your posts on him and always admired you for the way you took him in and gave him so much love. Thank you for allowing us to share his life and for showing how he prospered when he finally found a home where he was treated with respect and appreciated for being the wonderful boy that he was.

May his beautiful and loving spirit Rest In Peace!
@Guinea Pig Papa, I would also like to thank you for writing such a lovely tribute to both @boipigs and Little Bear. You always express your condolences in the most touching way. I've always admired that wonderful aspect of your posts.
My condolences on the passing of Little Bear. I loved reading about him, he was so lucky to have you caring for him. Take care of yourself.
Thanks for all the kind words. He was such a joy in my life and we got to experience so many new things together. It hasn't really hit me that he's gone. We all seem to be doing okay without him for now.
I got Little Bear's ashes back today...I added him to my shelf with his brother Bruin and my hamster Spencer. It's sad to have him back. I'll always miss him. I'm grateful I was able to hold him and share treats the night he died. He'll always be my special tiny old man boar. No one can compare to him.
Since Bruin's post is too old to add to...it is almost a year since he died. A year since I took them in, and went thru my most harrowing pet journey. I experienced so many firsts with these two pigs. It wasn't my senior dog who I'd have to worry about with vet visits, sickness, meds, and euthanasia...it was two beautiful guinea pigs I had the pleasure of helping and caring for. I learned a lot from them, and will not hesitate to give my current/future pigs the same consideration I gave Little Bear and Bruin. If you are suffering, I know now what the signs are. If you need an eye removed, by god I'm going to listen to the vet and not try to wait it out with medication. You are missed, and loved, and I want you back, but I'm glad you don't have to suffer anymore.
I've said this before. I highly doubt either Bruin, nor Little Bear knew love and kindness and the care of a proper home until you came along. And it's horrible how they came to make the journey to your doorstep, but they could not have ended up anywhere better.

You gave both of them everything you could. And it is so, so sad that we are here a year later and they are both gone. But I do know this.

In their last journey to the Rainbow Bridge, they took with them the knowledge of what life should have been like. And they are waiting, now, at the Rainbow Bridge, happy with each other again and waiting for the day you come to get them.

I do believe they got a lifetime worth of love with you, despite their short time.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Little Bear

Here they are together. I kept forgetting for a few weeks that the vet had sent us a sympathy card for Little Bear. I used my work's cremation service and they have done such a nice job with the paw prints for my small pets (the other one being my hamster).
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