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Behavior Litterbox Training?


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May 9, 2012
I'm having so much trouble with trying to get Bean to use her litterbox.
She pees on the carefresh and it is such a hassle to clean. She did use it for quite some time, but she just pooed in it. I would like for her to pee in it but she pees all over the place, so I don't know where to put it. She doesn't have a "corner" she pees all over the place!

I wish she would pee in it. I used to have fleece, but she pees so much, it was hard to keep the fleece from not smelling, so I would have to change the fleece every other day. I just got tired of changing it so much, that I went back to bedding. I would love to use fleece, because I have such cute patterns. But I can't use them because they get soiled so quickly.

I hope there isn't anything wrong with her, but she pees quite a lot. Is there anything wrong with her bladder? She pees just about every 5 minutes. But she does drink a lot of water. Would that be the reason why? I can't afford the vet right now..well..my DAD can't afford the vet. We are going through a really money tight situation right now. But if you could tell me what could be wrong with her, it would be much appreciated. :D

If there is any medication I could get at Wal-mart or Petsmart or a diffrent store that would work, what is it?
unless she's showing other signs of being sick, i wouldn't be overly concerned. guinea pigs are basically pooing and peeing machines! in my experience you don't litter box train guinea pigs, they train you! i never set out to train my pigs, but just noticed where they peed the most. for them they tended to use the corners, so i just put extra uhaul pads and pillows there, and then changed them more frequently, which kept the main fleece cleaner longer. even if your pig pees everywhere, there are probably some places she pees more, sometimes you can tell by where the fleece and the uderlying pads/towels are the wetest when you change the cage out. my pigs tend to poo and pee alot where they eat, so i have a litter box with an extra pad of fleece and uhaul in it. that's where i put their hay. they eat their hay, then pee and poo and move on. that liner in the little box i have to change out almost every other day. i'm sure others here will have other suggestions too. good luck!
If I just put hay in the litter pans my pigs will pee at least half the time in them. To get them to poo in the litter pan I put a hidey in the litter pan.
No medicine available for that, or needed. And if you wanted a pet that could be litter trained, you should have skipped guinea pigs in favor of a dog or cat.

You can put litter pans or pads where they pee and poop the most and catch a lot of it that way, but you'll never keep them from using the potty wherever they choose.
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