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Cleaning Litterbox training?


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Feb 26, 2012
I'm thinking of putting litter box training my pigs, so that way I can just empty the box and put fleece on the floor. I can only clean the cage every so often, so it gets quite stinky. I figure if I litter box train them, I can clean that out when it get's dirty, and wash the fleece once a week or so. The trouble is, I've heard guinea pigs don't respond well to litter box training and are quite hard to train to actually do it. Is this true? Can anyone give me any advice on how to litter box train them?
Guinea pigs aren't really smart enough to litter train. All you can do is put a big litter box where the food, hay, and water bottle is.
I started off by just putting some of their poop that was in the cage into the litter box. It kinda works, they do use it quite a bit but they still go to the bathroom in the hidey houses and such just as much.
There are some people who have done it, but a lot of pigs don't ever really grasp the concept. I'd recommend doing what a lot of other people do, just have bedding where there hay and pellets are, as this is where they tend to go to the bathroom a lot. My pigs even seem to be sorta litter trained just to that area, because I have only ever seen a few messes her and there in the fleece parts of there cage, but a whole bunch of mess in the bedding part, which makes it a dream to clean, instead of having a whole cage of nasty fleece it's just all in one area. I've never even attempted to litter train them to that area, it just seemed to happen on it's own. I'm hoping that Godric and Phoenix will teach Fus and Ro Dah the pigs I'm getting on the 26th how to do that too, but I'm doubtful. :(
Just started my pigs with a litterbox (used the plastic flooring of their old pet store cage). I have a newly built 2x4 cage for my two young boars (a 5-month old and a 3-month old). I placed the box on the 2x1 area where their food, hay rack and water bottle are located.

It's been two days and the litterbox has been working like a charm. The remaining 2x3 still had poop in it but it was not too bad and was quite manageable. If I could estimate the poop distribution, it's 75% within the 2x1 side, and 25% within the 2x3 side. But here's the best part. Pee on the 2x3 side was almost non-existent.
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