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Litter Training?


Cavy Slave
Sep 28, 2008
I've previously tried to train my pigs before, but I failed. So now I'm trying to just put fleece up in the 2nd level and keep bedding in the bottom one. What do you put under the fleece? I've heard you put puppy pads underneath it. What are they and do they work well. Where can I get them? Maybe if they learn to go in a litter box, I can put fleece downstairs too! Any tips on traing my 2 girls? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
Some guinea pigs are able to learn to use a litter box and others don't. You can't force them. Just because they don't poop/pee in one place doesn't mean you can't use fleece on the bottom level, you just need to sweep them up everyday with a whisk brush. Takes five minutes tops.

You can use puppy pads, but you have to keep buying them, which I think is impractical since the whole point of fleece is that it's reusable. Puppy pads are used when training you puppy to be house broken. It's a cloth/paperish top with a plastic backing so the floor doesn't get wet.

I use towels under my fleece. Some people use a combination of fleece, newspapers and puppy pads. Check out the sticky in the bedding forum called the Fleece Project it has everything you ever wanted to know about it. Also, you can do a search from the sites toolbar to find some more info on the types of bottom layers people use.
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Try to see if your girls tend to use a certain area(s). Then get a couple of small cat litter pans (got mine at walmart for just a buck) and fill with some litter and place in the frequently used spots.

My boys tend to use this quite well, they don't get it all in the litter pans, but they do get the majority of the pee in it.

Good luck.
Don't use cat litter though. Make sure you use something like care fresh or aspen shavings. Kiln dried pine is okay too, but make sure it's kiln dried!
Sorry, if I wasn't clear, by 'litter' I meant carefresh or shavings or yesterdays news.
I can say that close to week 7, my piggies are kinda litter trained, they still leave strays here & there, but majority is in a contained area (s).

I have 3 piggies & all 3 do about the same things as the others does but they all do have different personalities...

I do find that they "prefer" certain corners to do business in. With these preferred corners (2 decks plus free run of living room), I use pans & protection for these areas.

My GPs are so good to me that I got peed on only one time (in the beginning with my white Abby). They treat me so well... for example like just tonight, I was having my usual individual bonding time with her (except it went longer) and she was nudging my hand that was petting her... when I let her back into her cage, she went to her potty place immediately and peed. What a great gal!
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