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Litter Training Help Needed


Cavy Slave
Apr 4, 2005
I just got a rabbit on Sunday and am wondering if I am trying to litter train it correctly. I have a litter box that sits in the corner of the cage. It is a high corner box. For the litter I am using shredded newspaper. My rabbit has used the litter box a few times, but still poops and sometimes pees all over the cage. I am worried that he is getting confused because I have unshredded newspaper on the bottom of the cage to make it easier to clean. Should I remove the newspaper and just have the linoleum exposed that is on the bottom of the cage? Also should I leave a couple of droppings in the litter box to encourage him or is it better to keep everything cleaned out of it?
Thanks for the help!
Watch to see if he prefers a specific corner of the cage and move the litter box there. Also, when they poop & pee in the cage, pick up the droppings as quick as possible and put them in the litter box. Keep the cage as clean as possible and keep placing the poop in litter box. He will eventually get the idea. When you clean up the pee use a solution of water and vinegar to clean it. It's not good to use household cleaners.

In my litterbox I use a thick layer of newspaper in the bottom to help soak up the pee and then shredded paper on top. I have a cross-cut shredder and I shred bills, junkmail and white paper throwaways from work. I only use white paper products and no glossies.

It is also a good Idea to throw some hay in the litterbox or keep the hay next to the litterbox. Bunnies like to eat and go to the bathroom at the same time.

Also, until he understands to use the litterbox, whenever you clean out the litterbox make sure to transfer some poop & pee into the clean box so he always associates the box with going to the bathroom. Sounds gross, but it works. Consistency is the key.
You can get special litters for rabbits these are great at stoping those nasty smells. With my buns when they have got used to the tray being in there cage. I pick up my bun and put him and any droppings in the tray as soon as he as done then. If he pees I would pick him up and put him in. At first I thought it would take ages but he learnt in 2 days, so I was very proud. It can take a lot of time and patience though, and the first day he was in the lounge I was up and down with him every 10 seconds, picking him and his dropings up and putting them both in the litter tray. I thought hes never going to get this. Like my husband says for every breath he takes he does 2 droppings
Is your rabbit neutered or spayed? Sometimes it is impossible to litter train a rabbit who is not fixed. Spaying/neutering has many other benefits as well.
bunnyluv17 said:
Is your rabbit neutered or spayed? Sometimes it is impossible to litter train a rabbit who is not fixed. Spaying/neutering has many other benefits as well.
Neither of my bunnies are nutered and I've had no troubble litter training, so if your bun isnt nutered dont give up hope, you can still litter train.
I would definitely neuter and spay all rabbits. It helps immensly with litter training and will stop a rabbit from spraying and/or mounting. It reduces hormonal and territorial behavior and virtually eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and other reproductive diseases. Spayed and neutered rabbits live happier, healthier lives and have no chance of contributing to the already huge problem of pet rabbit overpopulation.

Check out this site: https://rabbit.org/faq/sections/spay-neuter.html
I have a male rabbit and hes only 10 months old we are currently litter training him he is not fixed. i have never fixed a rabbit and they have all lived till the age of atleast 7. I have a litter pan underneath the entire cage and he already has figured out that he should just hop in his cage when he needs to go. My suggestion would be to try and find a litter pan that can fit under the cage it maybe easier for your rabbit and you if you do this. Good luck and keep us posted.
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