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Litter Pan


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Apr 21, 2004
If have to pigs and they one of them always goes to the bathroom in his waffle block house. Since he has long hair (hes the one i have as my avitar) he starts to smell like pee cause he gets it in his fur. I was wondering if I got a litter pan if he would use it?
Some people seem to have limited success in getting their guinea pig to use a litter pan. I have found that my girls will use an area but if I put something there to use as a litter pan, they switch to another spot.

I would trim his hair near his rear end to cut down on the smell. It may also be his grease glands that are smelly. I don't have any boars but have read where some have a pretty strong gland. There are directions for bathing a cavy on this page, it specifically addresses the grease gland as well.

(broken link removed) Sometimes the page exceeds the bandwidth allowed so here is what it says about the glands. The site is worth looking at even if you don't have a boar, she has great pics of various breeds and some absolutely gorgeous black roans.

Cavies have a gland at the base of their spine (where a tail would be if they had one). With boars, this can become built up with a greasy substance that secretes from the gland. I generally clean the gland (if needed) before I bathe the cavy. The way that I clean this gland is as follows:

Dip and old, soft toothbrush (one that is no longer being used) into some eucalyptus oil. Rub the greasy area gently - but firmly, with the eucalyptus brush and you will see the grime coming away from the fur. When the grease is removed - wash the cavy as usual - making sure to remove all remaining eucalyptus oil.
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