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Litter Box worked!


Cavy Slave
May 23, 2012
Yay! I'm so happy. I found a little tray and filled it with some shavings (I use fleece normally). I also put some poops in it, so they would smell it and want to use it. I put Snuggles, my sister's piggy, in there and as soon as I put her down, she hopped in and peed in it! She missed the box completely, but at least she seems to understand what to use it for! Hopefully this will make cage cleaning faster and easier. :) I just wonder if the other pigs will use it! Does anybody else's pigs use their litter box?


maddies header gp.jpg
Oh. Forgot to label the picture! From left to right: Mouse, Scampers, Snuggles and Chipper.
I had a difficult time trying to train mine. And my husband thinks that they should not
be potty trained. I want them trained. What did you use for a litterbox
And your babies are adorable lined up like that. Did they just do that,
by thereself?
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The little devils poop and pee wherever -- excepting the litter box.
Haha, no! It took forever to get them lined up. Thank you though! I just found a tray with short edges, but I want to get a bigger one. I found one that I like: (broken link removed)

Hope this helps!
That's great! Yeah, my piggies use their box mostly by themselves. Its pretty small though, so I want to get a bigger one. It's amazing how much 4 pigs can poo in just 3 days! (sigh) I cant wait until I get some new fleece! Maybe I can make a cage liner with it.
I discovered that my pigs like to make poo piles in the corners, so I bought corner potties. They use them but also go other places too. Mainly just got to keep corners cleaner and be easier to clean. I don't expect them to be fully trained like cats. I just built a new cage and only put one in so far. They are little stinkers thought for pushing them out of the coners, so having to really secure them.
My girls are pretty good. I made a 10" x 56" coroplast tray that runs all along the back of their cage. I put down paper towel, cover it with newspaper and then a thick layer of hay. The girls spend most of their time munching, flinging, and sleeping on and under the hay, so most of the pee and poop gets deposited there. I made three trays so I can always have a fresh, clean one ready which I change out every evening. In the morning I add fresh hay to add some excitement.

I get some poops and a little urine in their houses overnight, but I have made 16 waterproof fleece pee pads for that area so they also get changed everyday and sometimes twice a day.

Makes cleanup pretty easy and quick.
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