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General Litter box training...


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Dec 7, 2011
My guinea pig has cataracts in her eyes, and she can see a little bit, but we think they are getting worse. I wanted to train my pigs to use a litter box but do you think the pig with cataracts would know where the litter is and be able to use it??
It is very hard to train any guinea pig to use a litter box, but some people get lucky. If you put a litter box in and put the hay or food bowl in the litter box she is most likely to use it more as a toilet,good luck.:)
I think that if you consider it a kitchen area as opposed to a litter box you have better luck.

Back to the original question--yes, your pig should be able to find the litter box. She will be able to smell where it is. Also, pigs with cataracts can still see shadows and outlines of objects.
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