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Light a candle for little miss Phoebe


Cavy Slave
Sep 17, 2015

I'm sad to say that our little guinea pig, Phoebe, passed away this morning. She had been acting a bit off lately, making some sad sounds the last week. We've been checking up on her often this week, giving her extra cuddle time, and when she was with one of us, she seemed fine. We gave her a bath just last night, and she was cooing happily drying off in my wife's arms. Going back to her cage, she'd start her sad sounds again. It seemed to us she was lonely more than sick or hurt. Still, we had been talking that if her mood didn't improve this week, we were going to call our vet. And yet, we woke up this morning and she had passed.

Phoebe was one of three piggies we rescued some five years ago. She joins her sister's Paige and Piper over the rainbow bridge. If I could ask a favor of the board, take a moment to lit a candle for our last little piggy.


Oh, no. I am so, so very sorry.

I was worried by your earlier post. Sometimes a piggie will lose their sibling(s), and they just don't seem to be able to cope without them. Poor Phoebe was so full of love for her sisters. This news hurts my heart.

I will light a candle tonight, alongside the portraits of my dearly departed boys. Perhaps they, along with Phoebe's sisters, have greeted her at the Rainbow Bridge and are showing her just how much mischief she can get into.

Rest in peace at the Rainbow Bridge, Phoebe.
I'm so very sorry you lost her.
My condolences on your loss. Phoebe was so loved and well cared for.
So sorry for your loss. What a cutie. It's never gets easier losing these precious souls.
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