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Behavior licking me


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Mar 17, 2012
Connor now when ever i get him out for floor time or for lap time licks me.
Is that his way of showing effection or is he licking the minerals and salts off my skin?
just thought it was cute and was curious.
:love:none of the others do it to me
I have heard that it is becuse they like the salty taste...who knows tho maybe he just loves you a lot. :)
Same as Charlie, I've heard it can be the salts, or if you have cut veggies, or handled any kind of food before holding them.
I think it is both. Yes there is salt or maybe veggies left on your fingers but also they are grooming you which is a sign of affection for most animals. Mine didn't start doing it until she got use to me.
I'm pretty sure my pigs only lick me when they taste something on my fingers, but I'll pretend it's because they love me. :p

Sends me right into giggling fits!
Ahhh, the wonders of licking! My Radley has been doing it since she settled in. She ravenously licks, licks, licks! I am not sure if it's the salt or just grooming me, but either way I love it. She will do it even if I just wash my hands and they are un-salty. Miss Diva will give me a glare if I put lotion on anytime before holding her. She's sooooo silly.
Mr. Harper has also started licking. I love it SO much. Try laying on the bed with piggies at eye-level and see if you can spot a tongue! Piggy tongues are THE cutest! ❤️❤️
I think they like the salt on your skin. The licking tickles... the love bites aren't as much fun.....
Ginger licks my hand 24/7. I don't think it's only for the salt though, b/c she licks more when I pet her. She also sometimes will climb up and lick my cheek, nose, and my glasses! Hahaha lol. She even has licked my bottom lip twice...that one was a little awkward thouh...lol. Actually, she's a CL pig, and when I first went to pick her up, and her old owner put her in my arms for the first time, she started licking me! It was love at first lick ❤️
Well even if it is for the salt, I'm going to pretend it's coz he loves me lol
I wish all Kwee did was lick me...instead, she nibbles at any bit of exposed flesh a couple times, and then chomps down hard. lol
I wish all Kwee did was lick me...instead, she nibbles at any bit of exposed flesh a couple times, and then chomps down hard. lol

Yeah, I can't let my Buttercup lick me for too long. Otherwise licks turn into bites. Lol
Hugo is a bitter :(
Wibble licks me obssesively, doesn't even matter if I've just washed my hands. She'll lick anything she can get to, nose, cheeks, arms, hands... Siggy on the other hand mostly gives little nips. Generally they're not hard, she just sort of rubs her teeth on me, but occasionally she'll bite down. She even enjoys chewing my glasses.. XD
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