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Vet Less is not more when sending poo to the vet


Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Jan 17, 2012
Please, oh please, when you take poo to the vet to have them submit a fecal sample on your cavie, take more than a few pieces! I need more, lots more! Think a heaping tablespoon's worth of poo. Yes, I know that's a lot, but compared to the dog/cat/horse/goat/primate/etc samples I run every night, three small cavie turds is nothing. Each poo sample gets dissolved into a large amount of liquid solution, and is then strained, centrifuged, topped off with more liquid solution and then read. The more poo I have to work with, the better chances I have of actually finding something. Those three tiny pieces dissolve into nothing, and it's like I'm reading a blank sample when I'm shorted on poo, which is both boring and frustrating.

Just something to keep in mind for the future. Many thanks from a very frustrated Vet Tech :)
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