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Diet Leftovers?


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May 4, 2012
So, my piggies have gotten more comfortable in their surroundings and don't demolish food the way they used to. However, this leaves me with a question about leftovers. They've started leaving some food uneaten. I remove veggies when they start looking gross, but am I doing right? In otherwords, the following:
  • Are wilted veggies from the morning best disposed of when I come home from work? Or will they eat them when they're hungry again?
  • Is hay ok to keep in as long as it's in a hay rack and clean?
  • Are pellets ok to leave in their bowl until they eat them all? Or do they start going stale at some point?
Wilted veggies need to be removed. They can make your piggies sick. Hay is ok to leave out as long as its in a hayrack. Any hay on the ground that has been peed on needs to be removed daily. Pellets also need to be replaced daily. Most pellets have Vit C in them which breaks down in light so you need to replace daily.
For questions two and three, those both can be left in until they eat them, though I empty that stuff out, and fully clean bowls and stuff at the end of the week. Also, how much veggies are you giving them? All of my pigs finish their veggies throughout the day, and leave nothing, except for a long time ago when I used to feed them too much (I didn't know it was very long ago) So I'm wondering if that's maybe the case.
I'm starting to wonder if I give too much. I try and give them each a half cup in the morning and again in the evening. If they don't eat a full half cup at a meal, should I cut back? I know each piggie is supposed to be eating a full cup each day. If they eat less, how do I encourage them to eat the amount they're supposed to?
A cup a day is good, no more than that. Mostly pigs get super excited for their veggies, has it just been one kind of veggie they are leaving behind? If so you can try some different ones to see what they like most, just make sure you are looking at the diet chart to see what is ok to feed, and how often.
My pigs will leave some bits behind as well. I remove any they've left untouched after a half hour. I have a piggie diet policy where I don't feed them veggies I wouldn't eat myself. This means nothing wilted, brown parts, or any lettuce parts that get that red tint.
I've been using the chart as a guide and I'm trying to figure out what they will eat. However, it seems like they get bored of the same thing if I try to feed it to them for more than a day. For instance, they LOVED cilantro for a bit. It was the only thing I could get Opal to eat when I put her on our coffee table for her antibiotics the last few weeks. But that only lasted for a day.

Today, they're on a mix of organic dandelion leaves from the grocery store (a sometimes food), romaine lettuce, cilantro, and sweet peppers. They ate most of it, but I'm eyeballing about 1/4 a cup of veggies left from this morning. They've liked all of it in the past, but I'm trying to see if having a mix will let me know what they like and don't like. But there's a little bit of everything left over.... haven't specifically avoided anything.

They hate chard, ok with parsley (but that's a sometimes food), won't touch a cherry tomato except to push it around like a ball, and not impressed with cucumber in anyway. They like strawberry heads, but that's a treat, as is blackberry (which Aggie likes but Opal does not -- oddly Opal doesn't seem to like most fruit....). I'm gonna try zuccinni sometime this week.
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