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General Leaving them for the first time


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Sep 4, 2011
So in a couple of weeks we are leaving to go to disneyland for a week. I have my brother coming to stay at my house. I told him that they need to eat every morning and night. I will explain to him about the hay and pellets too when he comes over next week for the run through of care. I am a little worried that if he will be gone all day if they will have enough hay. But I suppose I'm just spoiled with my husband being home all the time to feed them if needed. I'm not worried about his level of care for them though. And his girlfriend's (who I also invited to come stay at our home) raised/breeded (can't remember what she said) gps in the past. So she seemed really excited when she saw them a few months ago. So for the most part I feel comfortable leaving them, but I suppose the momma in me will always worry if someone else will care for them the way I would. Excited about Disneyland though!!
Aw, I always hate leaving my pets with other people. I'm always like "What if they forget me? What if they get mad at me?" But when I come back, they greet me more happily than ever! I'm sure they will be fine for a week :) Of course, they WILL be sad because they will miss their Momma! Just make sure to give them lots of love before and after you come back. Have fun though!
I worry so much about everyone while I'm gone, too. They'll be OK. One thing I do when I'm watching someone's pet, I'll send pictures to them on their cell phone. Of the dog playing, or the cat cuddled on my lap. The person I'm babysitting for seems to appreciate it. Maybe you can ask your brother to do that for you. I send pics maybe 3 times a week. Don't forget to leave regular vet and emergency vet phone numbers, as well as your hotel info just in case. Have fun, and enjoy your vacation.
I'd be so worried leaving my piggies! But it sounds like you have them in good hands.
I would suggest leaving their vegetables and pellets in plastic baggies, premeasured to make it easier to be sure they're getting the right amount. I also would leave a detailed letter about basic guinea pig care and emergency instructions.
Enjoy your vacation!
The pictures and veggies in baggies ideas are good ones. I'll have to use them when I go on vacation this summer.
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