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Behavior Lazy, maybe depressed...


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Jul 25, 2011
Hi all, wow, it's been a while since I've been here, but I had a few questions. This month school has gotten supper busy and I wasn't able to be a super owner. I feel awful, they haven't gotten much lap time or anything. Anyways, lately Squint has been less active- ever since school started in august I believe. Benjamin on the other hand, has never been active. Any advice? My new years resolution is to be the best,best, best possible owner EVER! And my piggies are going to be as healthy as I can force them to be! I will need help with this so please give me any thoughts. :) Thanks
Hey Squint! I totally understand what you mean about being busy with school and stuff, but do you give them any floor time or interact with them at least for a little while during the day or week? My guinea pigs often were lazier if I didn't take the time to play with them and kind of motivate them to move around. It might also have to do with his age? I think that if he is still eating, drinking pooping etc he should be fine, maybe he just misses you?
I also know what you mean about school being busy! I just make time in my schedule for them. There has been days where my pigs did not get any floor time but I tried to make it up the next day. I expanded their area recently so they have even more room to run around as they are pretty active and don't typically just sit around in their cage all day. I know you will turn their lives around and make them more active! God bless :)
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