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Fleece Layering opinions wanted


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Jan 13, 2012
I have several questions actually...

1) Which is better for layering - UHaul pads or mattress pads

2) Any secrets / tips for sewing these together with the fleece? I am a beginner when it comes to sewing but have a wonderful sewing machine waiting to be put to good use.

3) I was thinking of doing fleece on top of the tiles listed in the link below. I thought they would be great for keeping the fleece even dryer ... with pads underneath the tiles. I'm hoping the fleece on top will be sufficient to keep the piggies feet comfortable. Any thoughts?

I currently use fleece, then adult incontinence pads and newspaper under that (the newspaper really isn't needed - never gets wet).

I wanted to add - I see lots of discussions about "puppy pads" I have found the adult incontinence pads - especially the store brands - to be MUCH cheaper. I believe they are the same things, just marketed differently. I could be wrong and would love to hear other's opinions on that as well. FYI, I fell in love with these incontinence pads when I used them on my daughter's diaper changing pad and used them for restroom changing tables over top of the bring-along "cushion" too.

Thanks to all for your valuable advice! ❤️
on number one i would use a UHaul pad.... that's what i use and its wonderful :)
Thanks Lucas! And just to confirm, from the UHaul website, is the right thing to use the "furniture pads" that are $7.95 each or the "quilted pads" that are $14.95 each? Not sure what the difference is between the two.
If the mattress pad is 100% cotton, it should be as good as the uhaul padding. I use the uhaul pads under my fleece pads as the middle layer in my fleece pads. I've also made them with cotton batting but it's thinner and a lot more expensive. Uhaul pads are cheap but they aren't as durable as mattress pads are. I wouldn't pay the extra cost for mattress pads but if you can get them cheap or free, I'd use them.
I have never used mattress pads but use Uhaul pads as well. They are awesome! They are very absorbent and take much less time to dry after washing them than towels do. I don't know if we are allowed to post links to other forums, but these instructions really helped me out to make liners that go up and over the sides. Also, it took forever to make mine because I had to hand sew them but I'm sure it will be much quicker and easier for you because you will be using a sewing machine!

How to make a cage liner (with pic's) - Page 2 - The Guinea Pig Forum
Thanks Lucas! And just to confirm, from the UHaul website, is the right thing to use the "furniture pads" that are $7.95 each or the "quilted pads" that are $14.95 each? Not sure what the difference is between the two.

You don't want the quilted pads. They are more like blankets and have a polyester outer layer. The grey pads that are made of 100% recycled denim are what you want.
I do fleece/uhaul pad/fleece for my liners. They work wonderful. I have 4 guinea pigs in a 2x6 and change the pads every two days.
I use 2 layers of flannel under my fleece and love it. I also make little pads to put in their high "traffic" areas that I change out every other day. I couldn't open the link you provided about the tiles so I'm unsure what you mean about them.
@ech90 - they list the following to make the pads - do you know what the extra cotton they list is for?
You will need:
a mattress topper (100%cotton topped)
fleece washed a few times(of your choice) two colour's for this project (there is an easier way with just one colour)
sewing machine (It will take hours without)

Which brings me to another question - if I buy fleece blankets at for example, Goodwill, they have probably been dried with a dryer sheet in its past life. Will these still be useful to me - for example if I wash them a few times first?
I don't know what the extra cotton is for, possibly as an extra absorbent layer between the mattress topper and the fleece? I personally used Uhaul pads in my liners instead of mattress pads because I found them to be mush less expensive. I didn't follow their directions to a T but I found the picture with the red diagram very helpful in helping me visualize how the up-and-over sides would come together. My only other advice to you would be if you use Uhaul pads to wash and try them several times before you sew your liners because they shrink A LOT. I wash and dried my fleece multiple times before sewing but only did it for my Uhaul pads once and the results are...not pretty. The fleece is still fine and fits the coroplast perfectly but the Uhaul pads inside have shrunk a lot, leaving of the sides and corners of my cage covered in fleece but without absorbent material underneath. It is not a total disaster because I just add extra, unsewed pads underneath those areas every time I change the fleece, but it is just aggravating considering how much time I put in trying to make those liners perfect!

As for using fleece that has previously been washed with fabric softener or dryer sheets, I personally haven't used that but my first guess would be that it would be able to wick after a few washings. I read somewhere that when you first buy fleece yards from a store the reason you still have to wash it a few times is because the fleece has some sort of coating on it that prevents liquid from wicking through, so if that stuff can be removed with washing I can't imagine that whatever is left over from softener/dryer sheets wouldn't be able to be removed as well! Hopefully someone who has experience with this will be able to advise you better, but that is just my two cents.
I have used fleece blankets from thrift stores and they work just as well. I do wash them when I get them home, using vineager in the rinse cycle. I actually prefer using them because I don't have to go through the new fleece preperation step becasue they have already been washed and dried many times. I use Uhaul pads and mattress pads (when one's in the wash, I use the other). I haven't noticed a difference between the two.
For those of you who have Uhaul pads as your inner layer, how long do those liners last for you? I have a top load washing machine and when I had Uhaul pads I just layed under the fleece (not sewn) it tore apart in a few months. I wouldn't want to remake pads every few months, fleece is expensive!
My Uhaul pads are sandwiched between two layers of fleece, so I can't really tell but they appear to have held up pretty well (with the exception of shrinkage, of course). The parts that I just cut up and put underneath the areas that have shrunk and are not sewn on do seem to get a bit thinner every time in the wash, so I can see what you mean, though. I would definitely try to layer it between two pieces of fleece if possible.
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