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Laundry Bag Caves


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Cavy Slave
Nov 7, 2005
I thought I'd let you guys know about a new cave idea I made up on the spot today. I'm at my mom's house and she's got hardwood floors and I know my pigs don't like to run around on them because they slip a lot, so today was the first time I let them run around in my room. They were having a swell time under my bed, but after they peed on my bedspread (which was hanging off the bed) I had to come up with a better sleeping place, so I spontaneously put down a couple cloth laundry bags on the floor under my bed, opened them up and tucked the top into my bed, and ta-da, I had two on-the-spot caves. They're easy to clean and can even be used to catch runaway piggers. The pigs absolutely loved them and used them as a safe place while exploring my room; when I put them back in their cage they were both popcorning and chasing each other around.

Just thought I'd share :).
Sounds like fun for the piggers, well done on using your initiative!
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