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Lady has gone on to the other side of the rainbow


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Sep 3, 2019
I'm going to try not to make this super long... My guinea pig passed away today. To the average person that may be insignificant or an inconspicuous loss.. But not to me. Lady was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I wish I could've told her goodbye one last time, but I didn't get a chance too. She was alone because her cagemate Duchess, passed on this year. I was planning to get her a cage mate and everything, but the short time I spent alone with Lady, I really began to appreciate her personality, spunk, and love for lettuce. I don't like to have favorites amongst my pets, but Lady was baby:) I just feel like I have bad luck with guinea pigs. I've owned three guinea pigs and they have all unfortunately passed. I've done my very best to take care of the guineas, it just seems like it wasn't enough. It may also be connected to the fact that they all come from the pet store, but nonetheless I will never forget Lady.

Rest in Lettuce
Lady 2018-2019

[GuineaPigCages.com] Lady has gone on to the other side of the rainbow
[GuineaPigCages.com] Lady has gone on to the other side of the rainbow
I am so sorry for your loss of Lady.

Losing a beloved pet is never easy. You've found one place on the web where the loss of a pig is considered neither insignificant nor is it inconspicuous. Those of us here all treasure our pigs for they are very special to us, as I'm sure your Lady was.

Rest in peace, Lady. Run and find Duchess at the Rainbow Bridge, where you can both find all the delicious greens to fill your little tummies with while you bask in the sun. One day your human will come find you, and you can all go home together.
Fly free over the Rainbow Bridge, Lady! You certainly were loved and will be missed. :love:
My condolences. These little guinea pigs take up a huge place in our hearts. It is obvious that Lady was loved and cared for. Take care of yourself and treasure the memories you shared.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Many of us on this forum first got guinea pigs never expecting to become as deeply attached to them as we have. These small creatures kind of take you by surprise with how personable and how charming they can be. It's something few people ever expect.

It's possible that her short lifespan could be related to coming from a petstore, but honestly, guinea pigs just aren't very robust as a species and are prone to all sorts of health issues. Of the four I've had in my adult life, none came from a petstore (at least not directly, two came from a rescue) and two of them died before age three, and one at just over age four. It's just kind of a gamble no matter what their background. And it's okay to have favorites. My Tribble pig was my favorite, and I still miss him very much.

Rest in Lettuce, Lady.
Rest in lettuce little Lady.

These wonderful little furry family members leave a huge impression on our hearts. After we lost Bella I swore no more! That lasted until a poor little piggy that has never had a real home or known love showed up very unexpectedly. Take time to grieve and find peace. When a little furry face make it's way into your heart again simply love them and enjoy the time that you share. Nothing is guaranteed so simply enjoy each moment of lap time, floor time, sharing conversations over veggies, and let them know they are loved.
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