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Fresh Food Know your cilantro!


Cavy Slave
Aug 15, 2011
Just a reminder of the importance of knowing your greens. :)

Over the past few months I've bought cilantro from several different grocery stores, and a few farmer markets and found some mystery greens mixed in. For the most part the cilantro was marked correctly (once it was flat leaf parsley marked as cilantro.).

I usually look over the bundle before bringing it home, yet I've found several mystery weeds, and viney stuff mixed into the middle of the bundle. The local stuff usually has creeping charlie mixed in. It was never more than a small percentage of "not cilantro", but its gotten me to look closer at the bundled greens and double or triple checking what I'm buying.
I've never had problems with other things mixed in with cilantro but I have seen parsley marked as cilantro. Cilantro has such a distinct smell, it's easy to sniff the difference between them. It's easy to examine produce while washing it. I've seen a lot of insects in romaine and green leaf lettuce so I always check for them, too.
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