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Keeping Cool Keeping my indoor guineas cool in very hot summers!


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Jan 11, 2012
Hi all, we are heading toward summer slowly slowly and out here we can get temps of 55 that go on for a could of months! My sweeties live indoors, it would be too dangerous for them outdoors in the summer but we do have air conditioning on when windows are closed, I try to avoid air conditioning as much as possible as its not good for any living thing including ourselves but I was wondering if anyone has any tips for cooling them down, preferably something that would cool them down for a while if I was not at home. We are in the forth floor so get some good windy breezes obviously that would cool a room down but directly hit the guineas.

Any tips greatly appreciated!
I'm confused- why is air conditioning not good for any living thing? Are you speaking of saving electricity?

Air conditioning seems like the safest bet to ensure it doesn't get too hot when you're out. You're lucky to have it and I'd use it.

Fans circulate air, but doesn't cool it. It only really helps for things that sweat (us). Another thing I've recommended before is partially frozen veggie cubes which you can learn about here: DIY Guinea Pig Snack: Frozen Veggie Cubes
Something else you might be able to use is like the chinchilla cooling pads. I think they are made out of marble or something similar with a mesh type cover over them. I saw them the other day at our local pet store and thought about getting a couple for Bugsy and Sweetie Pig. However, we have AC (thank the good Lord), so I don't think my guys will have much issue.
I put frozen plastic bottles of water in the cage during hot months for our pigs. Tiles stay nice and cool as well.
That's a really good idea!!! Frozen water and tiles! I have some spare marble and granite slabs and I know they are nice and cool during the summer! Very very good idea! Would sprinting them with water be ok too? My birds love that and cools them down as well as keeping them clean!



Oh I nearly forgot, no its not because of electric, it's because air conditioned air is bad, it's dry and altered and a lot of people get colds and pneumonia from them. Fresh air would always be the best alternative don't you think.
I live in a very, VERY hot area, it's already 85 degrees here, so I have this problem too. Luckily, I have a big ol' window that I can open that's near the piggies, but there's a wall blocking them from being directly in the cross breeze. To keep them cool, I put a damp washcloth up on their platform, and they love laying down on it. I also use a frozen water bottle, wrapped in a little hand towel one or two times.
I don't think the towel wrapping would work for me because my bottles have they're own sturdy clip attached to the cage, they are those very large bootles, even though I change the water frequently wether drunk or not I still like to have the peace of mind to know they won't run out while I'm out. I really do like this frozen bottle idea!

Thanks all really appreciate the replies! :)
Oh no, not the water bottles guinea pigs drink from, just plain plastic water bottles for people. Sorry, I should have been more clear.
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