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Cage Keeping guinea pigs in basement!!


Cavy Slave
Apr 18, 2012
Ok. So i have two lovely pigs and they are in my unfinished, cold and no one goes down there basement. They are sooo lonely and cold. Mt parents say, they will trash any other room bla bla. How can i get my pigs moved or convince my parents!!!!!!!! Or give me cons to the basement!!! Thank u!!!!!
Why do your parents think they are going to trash a room? If they are in the cage and you keep the cage clean it shouldn't be a problem. A basement is to cold and they are not getting enough natural light down there. Basements can be very damp as well. Also what is the point to having a pet if its going to be not "living with you" if you know what I mean. By the way I love the name, I have a piggie named La La lol
I have my guinea pigs in my unfinished basement, but me and my brother always go down there (TV, Video games), and the temp is good too. But, I agree with jm_1234, they don't get enough natural light unless you have big windows, which I don't.
My parents are the same way, my mom freaks out and screams if I bring one near her, my loves watching them run around but hates being close to them.
They will never allow them to stay upstairs so I have no choice, but they are always very active and healthy. I guess if you can spend lots of time down there it would be okay, put your own tv down there and some couches, that way you can spend lots of time with them and actually have something to do down there yourself.
I gave them a massive 2x9 cage for 3 pigs, and they are by the closest windows that can give them sunlight and two fluorescent bulbs over the top of both sides and two tables.
I don't know though, its the only place I can keep them too, but I bring them upstairs to get some floor time with me everyday.
Guinea pigs are social animals and should be kept where most of the family activity is. That's what pets are for. If we don't want to have to live down there, how can we expect them to?
Well my parents see the hay getting everywhere and stuff.
Have you tried using fleece? I use fleece on the floor of my cages and I do have to vaccuum after giving them thier hay because it falls out between thier cage and the box, but other than that nothing comes out or gets anywhere.
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