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Hay KAYTEE Hay has maggots?


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Apr 3, 2012
I just saw a video on youtube of a maggot and mite infested Kaytee Timonthy Hay Plus Carrots. I have a unopened bag of KAYTEE Timonthy Hay, is it safe for my guinea pigs?
Kaytee is a very poor quality hay, even when it doesn't have maggots.

Since hay is such an important part of their diet and affects the digestive system, I would definitely recommend you switch to Kleenmama's, Oxbow, or Sweet Meadow as soon as possible!
Insects are not going to live in a bag of hay unless it is moist, in this case (if the video is legit) the insects probably were caused by the carrots. As long as your hay doesn't have the dried veggies (not good anyway) then you should be fine. Kaytee isn't the best quality hay, but, I admit, I have used it in a pinch a few times with no problems.
I used Kaytee for a while, but they really just ate a few peices and left the rest in the hayrack.

I used Drs. Foster and Smith and got bulk order of Oxbow Timothy... and I'm serious that not a single stalk has been wasted.

If you plan to use the hay, I'd look very very closely at it. Chances are it doesn't have anything in it... I'd think the kind with carrots/papaya etc would be more vunerable to pests..
can you see any maggots through the little clear window on the bag? if you do toss the bag...and if you can open the bag and look closer at the hay

i wouldn't feed kaytee anyway...pretty sucky quality stuff normaly
You can find bugs in a lot of other things. I opened up a completely plastic sealed box of DeMet's Turtles to find it crawling with little white wormy things that were probably larvae for some sort of bugs. What creeped me out is that they had to have gotten in there at the factory since they were sealed in there. Hay is grown outdoors so there's always a chance you'll find bugs or something in it.
I was feeding Kaytee hay to my girls as they came with a big bag from the people I adopted them from. They seemed to like it just fine but when I kept hearing on here about Kleenmama's, I decided to check it out and even though the shipping is pretty high, pound for pound it was still cheaper than the Kaytee at the pet store. So I just got some this week and my pigs just adore it. Would highly recommend you try it.
Yeah, I'm thinking moisture got into the bag like a previous poster mentioned. Kaytee is crap because it's mostly hard and stemmy feeling.Granted, I only tried it once, but I keep hearing the same thing.

I had to use it in a pinch and my pigs would only eat the seed heads.
How is Oxbow? I have been really wanting to go to a local Horse Stable for Timothy hay but they have something called a "Timothy Orchard Grass Mix". I'll call them on Saturday :)
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