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Level of Effort? just whining, could use support tho


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Nov 26, 2011
i spent literally all day saturday turning my 2x5 into a 3x5 to hopefully cut down on the squabbling between my 3 boys. it was exhausting. they don't seem to LOVE the cages, and there's not really less squabbling, but more room is always better, right? then i adopted elaine saturday (bad timing, but not entirely up to me) who's a 5 plus year old spayed female. she's settling in nicely and came with her own 2x4. hopefully introductions with jerry, my boisterous lone male, will go well. but for now, i have a 2x3, a 2x4 and a 3x5 cage to sweep up daily. it takes me at least 1 1/2 hours each day, and is turning out to be a little more work than i thought. i'm sure it'll be better when i only have the 2 cages (jerry and elaine will share the 2x4). but right now, between giving them veggies (and shopping or them), daily cage-keeping, weekly total clean, laundry, grooming, . . . i'm tired. i love my pigs, and today for the first time, elaine started popcorning and when i fed her a small piece of apple, she grabbed it from my hand like she was starving, and ran to eat in hiding in her new fleece forest. she made me laugh! i don't think i have to worry any more about taking on more pigs and becoming the crazy pig lady. this must be my limit - it's exhausting!! so, right now i love them, and they have worn me out. you too?
I can completely understand how you feel. Don't get me wrong, I truly LOVE all my animals but sometimes it's hard to keep up.

Hopefully your bossy boys will settle down soon and I will be thinking happy thoughts that your spayed girl and lone bore get along.

In the mean time...do you have any pigtures of your piggies and and awesome cages you built this weekend?
Maybe, you can come up with a system for things to help them go more quickly.
Do you have any teenagers in the area that want to become vets. They can often be helpful with the cleaning and care just to get the experience. You can contact the local high school counselor to see if she/he knows someone.
I only have 2 boys that and some times they're exhausting! I don't know how you do it, nevermind the people that runs rescues lol

My boys stressed me for a while when I had them in my bedroom. They would keep me awake and would wheek nonstop for veggies and pellets although they had hay. Everytime my bed creaked, a bag rustled, or when I talked they would squeal on the top of their lungs. At first it was adorable, then my poor SO became exhausted and annoyed. We compromised and set their cage in the tv room. Now they have floor time while I watch SVU :)

Anyways, I think what you're doing is great. It is a lot of work but it pays off. Especially when they run up to you or popcorn, it reminds you that you're doing right by them.
I go back and forth on fleece just for this reason. I have a 2x7 with 4 males and it can be time consuming for me to spot clean their cage. I almost find it easier to just clean the whole cotton pickin' thing than to spot clean it! Currently I'm using fleece but as soon as the next cage cleaning hits I'm switching back to wood pellets. Wood chips are also a pain in the bum!
thank you all for your responses and support! it's just been a long and tiring few days. nice to know i'm not alone. time will tell about the 3x5 - it is awfully big and a bit hard to clean. i'll post pig-tures soon - thanks for asking. you guys are great!❤️
Oh I feel your pain! My cage takes me atleast 45 min to spot clean and takes me 2 1/2 hours to clean if I am changing the fleece which is every 2-3 days. I just added another level to mine a week ago. I would love to go back to wood chips or carefresh but I love a clean cage to much plus it would cost me a lot of money. My cage is 4 levels with a 2X2 and a 2X3 as the base with the next 2 levels being 2X6's then the last level is a 2X5. I love my piggies but they are alot of work :yawn:
okay - so now i hardly feel bad at all @jm_1234! :D
I know exactly how you feel. I love all our little piggies but they are SO much work. It takes me at
least an hour every morning to clean out 5 cages and fill up food bowls and water bottles. Not to
mention the time it takes every night to cut up veges for them all for the morning & check food &
water bowls again. Also the full cage changes once a week. Very exhausting sometimes.
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