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Just wanted to share . . .


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Aug 10, 2004
Some of you know that I had been looking for a heat light for my girls, anyway, I didn't get one, but I spoke with the mgr of the PetsMart my two girls came from and we started talking about how the cage would be too small and the pigs would not be able to move to a cooler area if I got a heat lamp and if my piggies' vitamin C needs were being met. I explained to him about my cage being almost 6 feet long and over 2 feet wide and his eyes popped out of his head. We began talking about this website and their diet and he wanted to see a picture. I took in the picture I have posted here and added the web address along with my name and phone number. On New Year's Day, he called me at home and was so impressed with everything, he is posting it in the breakroom! Some of the cashiers there also wrote down the website address! Just spreading the word!!!!!
wow thats great! you should go around to petstores and tell them about it maybe they will become more informed!!
I am trying. I guess if I convice one person at a time, it's worth it!
wow thats awesome. I go to petsmart everynow and then. Most of the workers there know me and my husband well and knows our names. They care for their animals well. Im not saying that they are the best but Imight not know if they do hurt them or not. If I go back to petsmart sometime soon I will tell this girl I like about our cages and a pic along with the site. Thats good news and Idea.
They don't need a heat lamp really (unless they're outdoors). You can get them cozies, and cuddle cups to keep them warm.
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