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Just wanted to say thanks for all the info...


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Dec 15, 2011
Hello everyone,

I wanted to stop in and say thanks for all the time that is put in here informing and educating those who are first time guinea pig owners and even those think they are experts....there is always something new to learn and this site is great for that!!

The great ideas for a nice roomy cages is where I have spent alot of my time.....thank you all for your great pic's and instructions.....your all very imaginative and creative. I have come up with some pretty cool ideas of my own since since seeing all you can do with a cage.

Sadly this will be my one and only post, just a post to say thanks for all your hard work. Had I stayed in the cage section of the forum I would not have been so off put although it got a little rough in there too at times, but I explored soaking up as much knowledge as I could and in the process of that days and weeks of research here I am stunned by some of the responses some innocent posts get. I have read people getting called stupid, selfish, irresponsible, ignorant and that is just to name a few. Questioning their love for thier animals, members getting rude personal messages about grammer use or puncuating wrong....are you kidding that last one I could not believe. Ripped apart for feeding their animals the "wrong" food, buying supplies from the "wrong" place, having the "wrong" cage set up, the "wrong" toys....sadly I could go on and on. People are excited about the new member of their family and are quickly torn to shreds for not following the exact "correct" procedure some think they should have followed and the insinuating and name calling seems to insue very quickly.....and I mean some are vicious and to be blunt down right nasty. These snarky remarks quickly taking that owners joy away from them....this is very, very sad.

I wonder now how many have stepped into the mine field not doing their research and being blasted with both barrels only to never be seen again or worse yet like me who just don't bother even stepping in for more than to say what I have to say. It seems as long as you purchase your friend where the majority feel it "should" be purchased, buy supplies where they feel they "should" be bought.....basically do everything in lines with the high standards, for some literally inpossible standards( everyones situation is unique to them) some here think they "should" be done in you will be fine, but those who have dared to step out of those guidelines...wow is all I can say.

This is a great site for info. and when I first came here I was excited to get pics up of our wonderful cage and pics of our newest family members but that feeling has long past and I have no desire to anymore for fear something will be wrong. Just as some here have very strong opinions on how to raise piggies, where to buy piggies ect.... I have very strong opinions on respect for others.....some of you should really watch that as you never know who is lurking and reading and it is very off putting and most inportantly can turn someone away who really needs help with thier new babies.

Thanks for reading.
It's really sad you feel this way, depending on how old the threads are we have worked hard lately to make this forum a nicer milder climate.

We do however have a very straight forward attitude where cavies could be in potential danger, the abuse within the breeding & pet stores & poor living conditions, those are not up for discussion in that way for very obvious reasons. When members knowingly supports this extreme abuse, it will upset many members who know first hand what it does to many pigs, and yes, that is selfish & will hurt many animals in the process.

It's not a question of preference when it comes to pet stores selling animals & breeding, where the overpopulation is directly contributed to, the breeding sow will die a terrible death after back to back breeding & another litter will replace the ones purchased, often ill. It's not acceptable at all, where puppy mills are frowned upon by most, guinea pigs are seen as simple merchandise. we work hard on getting this information out, which to some might seem harsh.

The standards are not unreasonably high at all. Animals deserve a proper diet, living conditions & to be kept out of danger in proper care just as much as a child would. They are expensive yes, and if you cannot provide them with this you shouldn't have animals, simple.

I haven't seen any name calling in a long time luckily, except from new members & obvious trolls. Lack of proper grammar & punctuation is important to be able to communicate, unless the poster has dyslexia or learning difficulties, it's often just laziness & it takes a lot to get a warning on this topic, if at all.

I hope you come back, or at least stick around for more information & do ask for advice & help if needed. We're really friendly & awesome unless it's concerning these heated topics.
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I'm sorry you feel this way. We've worked hard to make the forum a more welcoming place, especially to new people.

However, it is a forum, and you'll find all kinds of people on here -- gracious, ungracious, polite, rude, knowledgeable, not knowledgeable, calm, argumentative, etc. We don't have the manpower to approve every post before it's released, nor would most of you want a forum like that. But the only way to have total control over the content of the forum is to do that. Most forums like that have very little traffic because it takes too long to get the posts up and for people to respond -- most posters want a quick response. So you're free to post as you want, and we'll step in when it gets too ugly or inappropriate.

We will continue to point out egregiously bad advice and information -- the health and welfare of the guinea pigs depend on it. Some people take that in the spirit it is offered, some really get their backs up. We have no control over that.

I'm sorry you're leaving -- you sound like the kind of person we'd like to have contributing to the forum.
I do find this forum more critical than most and also with many many more rules.
Especially the no signature rule. It almost makes me want to sign my name at the bottom of the post just because...

But its give and take everywhere I suppose. Good info, good pictures, strange rules. Good people... opinionated people...
I'm sorry you feel that way too. Sounds like you'd be a great member of the forum.

I'm four months into cavy ownership (I had guinea pigs as a kid but since my mother did most of the hard work, I don't think that qualifies me as knowledgeable).

I don't see any of the recommendations and criticism as unnecessarily ripping people apart. Sure, perhaps some members could use a bit more tact, but I haven't seen name calling or outright insults.

What do I see? Dedicated, savvy people who generally have a lot more knowledge and wisdom than I do helping others out.

Let me give you some back story. I bought our first two pigs from a breeder. I didn't know any better. The breeder sold us a boar who was not well at the time and his first vet visit was the week after we got him. He died two weeks ago after we spent close to $1000 in vet bills over the three months trying to save him. So, are people trying to be mean by warning others about the very valid reasons to avoid buying from pet stores or breeders? No. They're trying to do others a favor and along with saving pigs, save their owners' bank accounts. I wish I'd listened. We adopted our next pig from a rescue and he'd been vet checked before we got him. It's not a guarantee but he'll have a better start than our last one.

So, "wrong" food? "Wrong" toys? Well, yes, if it means pigs won't be eating muesli or put on leashes, then someone needs to speak up. The incorrect diet could also mean expensive vet bills down the road. Some toys are downright dangerous for pigs. Cages that are too small are inhumane. Some pigs tolerate different bedding than others.

Honestly, I'm always on here (and other forums) reading and learning. There is so much to know. And ignorance, alas, is expensive.
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