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General Just wanted to say thank you! Because of this forum I've made so many changes!


Cavy Slave
May 13, 2012
Whew. Boy am I glad I stumbled across this website...I thought I was doing okay with my guinea pig, being a first time owner I really had no idea (Of course I did some research, but you never really know what to do until you have a cute little pig running around!)

I really just wanted to say thanks to everyone that posts! I feel so much more knowledgeable and I know I've made a lot of positive changes that are going to make Casper's life so much better! Thank you guys!
Same here! I wouldn't know what to do if I hadn't found this page!! It is SO helpful when I have questions!
I absolutely love this website.
It is so helpful and informative.
Lately I've been on it whenever I have a free second. It's my new internet obsession. :D
This site really is amazing! My dad especially loved the fact that they had such a great, HUGE cage that you could make, and it was really cheap. Although my dad won't admit it, he really did it so that my piggy could live more comfortably. :) But there's so much advice on here, best site ever!
Amen! I got Mufasa to use as a product tester for my pet supplies column. Thank goodness I came here before I started getting yogurt drops and food with seeds and all the other bad stuff. Now I can share advice on the right products and warn people away from unhealthy things.

I also learned about adoption here, after buying Mufasa from a pet store. He died in 15 days, but thanks to this site I adopted my two current piggies and I'm giving them a much better life because of what I've learned here.
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