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Cage just started making my first cage


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Mar 17, 2012
i just started making my first cage im so excited i found the cube things at bunning they are metal with the powder coat they cost a bit more but i think will be worth it in the end. im eventually going to make a upstairs part to but just starting with one lvl for now.
ill post pics when done
Oh, that's wonderful!
i couldnt find the coroflute because no one in bunnings would help cause of stock take grrrr, but i got lino instead do you think that will be ok. i read someone else used lino
oh and so you know the cubes things were 24.95 i think and it was a pretty pig pack
Yep, that'll be fine.
Really anything moisture proof that can be shaped into a tray is okay.
oh and so you know the cubes things were 24.95 i think and it was a pretty pig pack

Could you tell me what came in it? As in quantity of grids and connectors?
Just so next time another Aus wants to know where to get them, I can tell them :)
there are more sides then connectors can join. lol unless coz i tried to join the top too.
14sides with 16 connectors
from bunnings 24.95
Super. I'll just make note of that on the Aus cage supplies thread. Thank you!

Unfortunately, there are never enough connectors because they only add enough to make the shelving unit that the pack was designed for. If you run short use cable ties. A very cheap solution.
its not turning out how i planned
How did you plan it?
its ok i improvised it. its more then big enough for my 2 i think you be the judge
You'll find that most of us on this site have improvised parts of the cage. I am so terrible at anything crafty that I needed assistance taping part of my cage together. I got so frustrated that it's now just pegged together :) Never mind that you can see how horribly I cut the coroflute...
this is the finished product i hope its good enough. i put the pigges in but cant leave them in until i get cable ties tomorrow. [GuineaPigCages.com] just started making my first cage[GuineaPigCages.com] just started making my first cage
still have to put hay stacks in and such which i shall do tomorrow. i got a good idea for one off one of the people on here.
whats the best kinda hay to use for guinea pigs under 6 months
But if you're feeding them lucerne-based pellets, I would feed them meadow hay.
If you're in NSW and need some hay, you might want to buy some from here: Guinea Pigs Australia - Lucerne The price is reasonable compared to other nice grassy hays out there. :) I am still yet to find cheaply priced pellets which aren't lucerne based though. :(
@fuzzywuzzy, have you ordered from there? I've seen it advertised there and I want to know how it is.
I actually didn't know what it was like as well but I asked and they were kind enough to offer me a free sample. :) it was nice and green and smelled nice but didn't have many long strands. Maybe it was just the sample they gave me, I'm not sure but you can always ask them for a sample and see how it is yourself. :)
Oh really? When I signed up to their mailing list, it said I was going to be sent a sample which never occurred. So I have been somewhat apprehensive about ordering a bit from there.
But that's good to hear! I'll send them an email.
Have you checked your address because they seem to ship fairly quickly as well. The sample arrived in 2 days.
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