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Behavior Just moved and the pigs letting me know who is boss.


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Apr 1, 2012
So my family has been moving between houses, actually from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apt partly to be able to keep our "dogger" (our first child) a min pin Jaina and our 2 piggers, SJ and S2. Well since we have the two places overlapping for about a month we have been moving large furniture and non essencials to the new place first and slowly going through things at the old place to really try to down size and clean up. We have been at the old house throughout the day and interacting with the pigs but didn;t want to bring them to the new place until we knew it was safe and not moving things such as firniture and stuff in since they are in a main way in the apt. (the main doors open into the living room that leads to kitchen then bedrooms, kinda like railroad rooms for those famliar with them) Well, throughout all this the pigs have been staying at the old place. Well let me tell you, something must have clocked in their crazy little brains because after removng the living room furniture and things around them in the room where they stayed, we happened to stay the night in the new place; the 5 and 2 yr old decided, we went backin the am and their was urine all over the wall outside of their kitchen area. I have 2 females who sprayed the wall! Before this they never really came out to talk to me when I walked into the room well they certainly did this time wow!!! Needless to say we moved them to the new place that evening and now they are happy, or so it seems. They are too smart for their own good.
how cute wheeek
They are not stupid, LOL. Such attitude in such tiny bodies.
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