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General Just a few questions.

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Feb 18, 2012
1) I was wondering how long usually a guinea pig is pregnant? My male got my female on March 21.

2) Is it normal for a pregnant guinea pig to drink a lot early in the pregnancy?

3)Is it normal for her to lay around a lot in early pregnancy?

4)Does anyone who uses a C&C cage that has a problem with there guinea pig chewing on the coroplast sides? Is it bad for him to chew the sides?
1. Usually around two months or 60-75 days.

2. Yup, pregnant guinea pigs drink a butt load of water.

3. Not usually early pregnancy, but near the end it's very usual.

4. I don't have my C&C yet, but I read there are metal things to can put over the coroplast to prevent it. Someone with a C&C cage could help you with that.
1: Already answered accurately

2: Already answered accurately, and they eat a buttload too

3: Already answered accurately

4: I have a C&C cage. Chewing on anything plastic IS NOT GOOD for the Piggy, especially if in big amounts. People use (broken link removed), but most of the time shipping may be a bit pricey. I have found that where my girls chew, a couple of pieces of scrap fleece work wonders. I use hot glue to keep them solidly attached to my plastic tube ramp edges so the girls don't chew on them. Make sure the glue never becomes exposed, and check frequently to ensure that they haven't gotten through to the plastic again (trust me, they will try)

How many of them things would I need for a 2x3.
How many of them things would I need for a 2x3.
If each binder edging is 11" long, and you have a 2x3 cage (27"x41"), then I'd say you would need 4 for each 41 inch side and 3 for each 27 inch side. So 14 I think! :)
Alright thanks!!:D Im gonna get some of them as soon as I get paid!:D
Alright thanks!!:D Im gonna get some of them as soon as I get paid!:D
You're welcome! I *think* I calculated correctly! I don't use them myself, because I haven't had any problems with my guinea pig chewing. However, I am thinking about ordering some, just to make the edges of her cage look more tidy! :)
Well Mines a pooh head haha. But thanks!!:D
Oh I will deff look there first then!!:)
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