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Adopting Joy From Sorrow, Can't Believe This But Maybe Meant To Be


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Mar 20, 2012
I absolutely can't believe it. We were deep in mourning earlier today because of Borat's death, and now we're still sad but there's joy mixed in. Unbelievably, we have a new piggy already through a weird coincidence that I hope means she's meant to be ours.

I'm a firm believer in getting a new pet not long after you lose one, not as a replacement but as a happier place to focus your mind. Thus I started looking at rescues, intending to fill out an application in the hopes that a suitable piggy would pop up. There's one in St. Petersburg, but I remembered seeing rescue bunnies at a local pet store and thought perhaps there was a small animal rescue closer to Orlando.

I thought I saw the bunnies in Petco so I called to ask if they work with a small animal rescue and if they have its name and number. The girl said no (must have been Petsmart), but she said a woman had called earlier wanting to dump an unwanted guinea pig at the store. She didn't know if it was a boy or girl, but she said it would be adopted out. I would never, ever buy a piggy at a pet store, but I have no problem taking a dumped piggy as long as it doesn't profit the store.

The girl said to call later, so I thought what the heck, it will give me something a little happier to focus on. Besides, it was a 50/50 chance the piggy would be a boy anyway. I called an hour before closing, and the woman had indeed dumped the pig, which was a girl.

Hubby and I drove out there and immediately fell in love. This poor, sweet little piggy was in an aquarium, with food full of unhealthy bits. She had hay, but Petco might have given that to her since they'd given her a pigloo because she had no hidey. She was so young...probably a little smaller than Mufasa would be now if he'd lived. Supposedly she was bought by one person, and not even at that Petco, but they didn't want her so they gave her to another family who had allergies, so it was off to the pet store with her.

The manager said we could adopt her by making a donation to the spay/neuter fund (a charity drive that's running there right now). Sounded good to me, since it wouldn't profit Petco and would go to a good animal-related cause, just as a shelter adoption fee would. He said we could take whatever we wanted, so we left the aquarium and food, but took the bowls, water bottle, and they let us keep the new pigloo too.

She doesn't have a name yet, but here's our new girl who's cheering up our aching hearts today:
[GuineaPigCages.com] Joy From Sorrow, Can't Believe This But Maybe Meant To Be[GuineaPigCages.com] Joy From Sorrow, Can't Believe This But Maybe Meant To Be[GuineaPigCages.com] Joy From Sorrow, Can't Believe This But Maybe Meant To Be
I originally planned to call her Leela to go along with Amy (Futurama), but at the moment it reminds me too much of Borat, since that was his name till we found out he was mis-sexed. I hope he's smiling down on us and our unexpectedly fast new addition from Piggy Heaven.
Shes adorable. Im sure Borat is proud of you giving another little piggy a great home!
She is so adorable! And lucky, to boot. I am positive that Bo had a hand (paw) in this! What great coloring too. For some reason it reminds me of butterscotch-chocolate pudding that my mother used to make growing up.
I am positive that Bo had a hand (paw) in this!
I wouldn't be at all surprised if my sweet, laid-back Bo led me to her. Petco is the last place I could ever imagine finding a piggy, but sometimes fate works in mysterious ways.
She's adorable and I'm happy you have a new little piggy in your life. So sorry to hear about Borat. I've not been on as much lately since I started a new job a few weeks ago and hadn't kept up with your thread about his illness. Anyway, as the above poster said, she does look like chocolate and butterscotch pudding. I hope she and Amy will be fast friends. Good luck.
She is very cute, glade you have new percious baby to take care of. I'm sure Borat is happy too. Cant wait to find out what you name her.
What a fortuitous coincidence! :)

I know it's ultimately your decision, but I actually think Leela is a perfect name for your new lady pig. I mean, what are the odds that on the very day Borat shuffled off this mortal coil, a new piggie in need of rescue practically drops into your lap? Naming her Leela would fit perfectly with Amy, as well as pay tribute to Borat's memory, from when he used to have that name.
I am so happy for you! Good always comes from bad. Congrats on the piggy.
So so happy for you! It warms my heart to know you found her and that she will now have an amazing home. I think Borat had a hand in this and he's smiling happily from over the rainbow bridge. I wish you the best of luck! She's a gorgeous little girl.

I tried looking up some more futurama names, but couldn't come up with anything good. :(
But, what if you named her Leeloo, a spin off Leela but completely badass because its the name of Mila Jovovich's character in the Fifth Element
My condolences for your loss of a piggy, I know how heart-breaking it can be.

However, I'm glad that you found your new little girl! She's adorable! Maybe you could name her after fry's girlfriend? I'm not to sure what her name was, or if she was ever named. If not her, then maybe Leela's mother, if she was ever named in the show?
She is super cute!!! Congrats on giving this piggie a new home! Borat is very proud :)
She's adorable! I agree with the others who say Borat had to have a part in this! I'm glad you found a new piggy so easily - it was obviously meant to be!!

I'm not sure if you've picked a new name for this newly rescued piggy but I wanted to suggest LaBarbara - if you wanted to stick with the Futurama theme... Or Reese if not, cuz she looks like a Reese's peanut butter cup!
She is adorable! I'm so sorry for your loss but so happy you were able to find a new little angel so quickly!
She is beautiful! Lucky little girl finding you and a great home.
Oh that is so great! I'm sure Amy will really enjoy her company once you get her accustom to your home.Its so amazing that she came into your life now, after all that hurt (again, I'm so sorry to hear about your baby boy) but Borat and Mufasa seem to have sent that pretty little angel to heal your heart. So here's to your new girl, whatever you name her! :]
I've always felt that focusing on rescuing another one helps ease some of the pain of a loss. You don't replace the one you lost, but it redirects your emotions. I'm so sorry about Borat but I'll bet he had something to do with you finding this little one.
I am so sorry to here about Borat! I am the same way, I think getting a pet after one passes helps ease the pain of your loss. That way you are not looking at a empty cage and your routine of looking after them is not disturbed. Its not a replacement its something to take your mind off of it.
Your new little girl is so pretty! What a cutie :love:
Sounds like this was meant to be! I'm glad you found her, and am very sorry about Borat.
Piggy heaven has a brand new angel in Borat, but look what they sent you in return.....a sweet little girl to mend your hearts. ❤️ What lovely serendipity!
Serendipity would be a cute name for your new piggy too!! I hope she's settling into her new home.
Ooo, Serendipity is cute! I think we found a name for her, though. I was pushing for Leela, but my husband kept invoking the "we don't reuse pet names" rule (he was the one who force fed Bo every day for those last painful weeks, so I think maybe it was too much of a reminder). We thought of Hermes's wife, but my name is Barbara so LaBarbara seemed awfully close. Then I thought Sasha as a tribute to Borat, since Sasha Cohen played him, but hubby didn't like that one either. Darned difficult man!

Keeping with the cartoon references, I briefly considered Pickles (obscure reference from a short-lived show called "The Oblongs" that no one but me probably ever saw). Then hubby thought Perri as a feminine version of Phineas and Ferb's pet, but I thought it was too boyish since it sounds the same.

Finally hubby said, "How about Daria?" I always loved that show, since I have that sort of cynical attitude myself. But the new piggy is so bright and bubbly and full of life that it hit me: she's Quinn, Daria's sister. So now we have two piggies named after cartoon divas.

I heard a racket by Quinn's cage last night, and when I went over to check, she was doing zoomies like a crazy pig. She must be soooooo happy to be out of that aquarium. She's already used her water and has eaten pellets and hay, as well as discovered the joy of lettuce, carrot bits, and a grape. More and more I think Bo had a paw in this, since she settled in like she's been here forever. She's skittish about being picked up, but not about petting or even having us around the cage in general.

I'm debating on when to introduce her to Amy. She wasn't around any other pigs for at least four weeks, since the woman who dumped her said that's how long she had her. She wasn't near the Petco sale pigs at all and has no signs of URI or anything else, so I'm weighing caution against relieving Amy's loneliness.

In the meantime, here she is peeking out of one of Bo's old tunnels during floor time today. I'm hoping she'll learn to love navigating mazes I set up for her as much as he did. Amy finds tunnels very "meh."

[GuineaPigCages.com] Joy From Sorrow, Can't Believe This But Maybe Meant To Be
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