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Pet Stores Job at Petsmart?


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Aug 19, 2014
So I've been wanting to get a job for a long time now, but with many different things in my life and issues, I would have a pretty hard time actually going to work and managing to keep the job. One place where that would hopefully not be the case might be Petsmart. It's not too far from me, it has to do with animals, and I think it's something I would really try hard to stick with.

The only thing is that I am unsure of whether or not it is really a good place to work. I know that many (or all?) Petsmarts now have a program to work with rescues for their cats and dogs but I know that that still leaves all the small animals. That's one thing I'm concerned about, working for a place that still sells animals from mills and not in super great conditions. Then there's also the fact that they (and many other pet supply stores) still sell things that shouldn't really be sold/bought. Things like bad "treats", small cages, etc. So I would either have to 1. sell things that I know aren't good for the pets, or 2. be a bad employee and discourage people from buying certain things. Of course if I can say "hey this thing is better, but it instead," that's great, but things like C&C cage supplies aren't sold there so I would be saying to go somewhere else.

I really want to volunteer at a wildlife rescue (the only place I can volunteer with animals under the age of 19 without bringing my own adult supervision, stupid), but I also really need to earn money if I am to get away from my family as soon as possible.

So I'm here for your thoughts. Is it such a bad place that I shouldn't work there or would it be alright?
On the site "indeed" you can find jobs at animal shelters near you, so you can know the animals are being treated right and get proper care! It also means that you are supporting something good! :) but it is truly up to you what ever you think is right you should do(This is not to say that people the work at chain pet stores are bad, it is the conditions the animals are kept in that are and when and if bad info is given out)
It's going to be up to you. However, personally I wouldn't be able to work in a pet store that sells live animals.

The fact is, it is your job to sell the pets and all the other miscellaneous items, regardless of a families suitably for the animal or the safety of the product. I've seen screaming children buying small pets with their parents before and it's sad to know that that will be their life now. There's also only so much you can reccomend products, people will still buy what they want, especially when cost is a factor.

Just some food for thought. If you can handle it though and want to set out about educating people and are willing to do it, then you should apply.

As others had said it is up to you to decide if that will be the right job for you. My personal view is I wouldn't want to work there but then in a pinch I have bought supplies from them and regularly from Chewy (which is owned by Petco) so I don't want to by a hypocrite. Overall though I don't think it is a great, but they are making strides in improvement.

One idea is to find a job that is more in line with your moral views and then volunteer at the wildlife rescue on the side. I know we have an Especially for Pets store here that only sells supplies, maybe you could find something like that? I think you need to figure out what is causing you to be unsuccessful in keeping a job so you can look for a job without those less desirable qualities. Maybe you have another passion you can find a job with?

Otherwise as sallyvh said you could be that person to inform caring owners and then make a difference for that animals life. Yes you have the jerks who refuse to learn, but than there are also those that want to learn. And you could be an actual knowledgeable person, not one you can tell is obviously clueless. Case in point at one Petsmart there was this extremely knowledgeable small rodent guy that my sister and I visited all the time with our rat questions. You could be that person!

Keep us updated on your decision!
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